Saturday, September 25, 2004

From my Secret Pal ~

Well I know that you have all been patient with me. These pictures just aren't coming out the way that I would like, and I am the type that will spend hours trying to make them look good. This is the best I could do. It sure doesn't do my gifts any justice!! They are so much nicer in person!! Thank you Secret Pal, you literally pulled my frown upside down yesterday!

Starting from the left: A great pattern for crocheting and felting a basket,and a rug that my kitties, and I will love!!!

Top: One of those knifty clover cutters that I have been wanting so bad!

And: (big drumroll here) A handmade, and (designed by my secret pal) a cell phone cozy! That is my phone next to it just to show that yes it does fit, and also that it is going right back in it! It also has a nice big size wooden button that keeps it closed really nice. Hanging from my pocket book right where it should be is the greatest thing! Now I can actually find my phone in time to answer it. :)

I wonder what you all thought it was... hmmmm... LOL

Thanks again Secret Pal!!! ~ I hope that I am fortunate enough to get you again in another secret swap! Hey maybe I will the chance to send gifts to you next time... ;)


Kari said...

Great gifts! Love the Cell phone cozy!

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome!
It is always fun to prepare a package for you. :)

- Secret Pal