Friday, May 20, 2005

Always Forgetting to do this....

Ok... I am always forgetting to take my pictures off of my camera. I know that I keep promising, and promising but procrastination always gets the better of me. I really don't know how this happens. I know that it happens to a lot of you also in blogland.

I wanted to post some pics of my presents from my secret pal. They are on my camera. If you are reading this pal I'm sorry I am a scatter brain at times. I don't want to tell anyone what you have sent me until the pictures are posted. Don't worry it won't be next year! lol

Well as I have said already, my 20 year old daughter has left the nest. She will be 21 in July so in all honesty I do refer to her near future age at times. I always seem to do that, and she hates it! Now that I am getting older myself I can relate. Realistically I would much prefer to be 21 though.

My Chris is my only baby by choice, and I miss her alot. Even though I do see her every single day, I miss the nights when we would stay up late. I also miss watching Alias with my little poopie. I think the two of us are the only ones in our area that really get the show. No one admits to watching it. Chris and I also have admitted that we wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with Jennifer Garner. Then again the husband has mentioned that as well... I think his intentions are different, but then again... lol

Dad is doing better! He is now getting around a lot more now that he is out of the hospital. I can't believe he was actually in there for a month. Thank any God that he is home! It was a little scary, and even now it is. Hopefully day by day he will get stronger again.

Well I gotta run! I will post pictures ASAP! I know that everyone likes visual. (Myself included) :) Bye for now... K~

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I want it, and gotta have it!

Normally I don't ask for help with my blog. Usually I simply look it up somewhere, and struggle forever. The problem is that I have a little blog envy. I really love listing my friends blogs on the sidebar, but I would rather have a blog roll. Can someone out there send me to where I can find directions for this? You all have such cool looking blogs!

There I asked... now go on and have a pleasant day! :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Mother's Day to all!

I didn't get to come near the computer yesterday to wish you all a Happy's Mother's Day! You may have a kid, a pet, or a close friend that considers you one... so I hope it was a good one.

I spent the day with my daughter, and Mother at Mom's house. She was doing her very favorite thing in the world... cooking, and cleaning for other's. I'll never understand that woman! I certainly didn't take after her that is for sure. One look at my house, and you would understand. I'm selfish with my time that is for sure, and I never have had a formal dinner gathering at my home. That is with the exception of Christmas Eve of course. That is the only night that my Mom will let me have at my house. Perhaps she doesn't like my cooking... oh well...

I've been crocheting up a storm for my secret pal. I sure hope that she likes everything that I am making for her. I am having alot of fun as well. The only problem is that I have to learn to hide things from other's view. My daughter came in the other day, and swiped something that I had finished. See I am being really good about not saying what it is... just in case.

I just noticed that we have some friends downstairs. Not really friends, but more like our neighbors. TERMITES! Every year I have to get someone out to take care of the situation, and this year I can't find my usual guy. I guess I will have to call his company to make an expensive appt. I can't stand watching them... Ewww it makes me itch! Even the cats wonder what the hell they are. The cats will eat anything that moves, but not a termite. I guess they aren't tasty... lol

Oh well gotta go get some work done. No not downstairs!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Daughter's and secret pals!

On the first of May my daughter officially moved into her own place! Of course she moved in with her boyfriend, but that was ok. He is alright by us for now! Actually they have been dating for about 2 years, and he keeps her out of trouble, and that is all that counts with her father, and I. :D

Now my tasks are multiplying! Between helping my daughter get some things for her new crib, and dealing with all of the emotional stuff.... I have alot on my plate. I'm losing my baby!

Dad is doing ok. We saw the Dr. today, and he thinks that he is looking better. We don't agree, and I said so outloud. I asked five thousand or more questions, and disagreed a bunch. I was happy to know that Mom & Dad both appreciated my speaking up. Sometimes it is hard being the oldest in my family, but I guess now I realize what my role must be. It is the speaker of the family, and taking care of the one's that you love.

I received my secret pal info the other day, and boy is she going to get spoiled. I have so many things planned... hehehe

So far I can only tell you that I sent my secret pal an ecard. I don't know if she received it, because she hasn't mentioned it anywhere. Maybe she just forgot. If you are reading this, and haven't received a card... could you please look in your spam areas all of you! I won't reveal anything else in the future, until the end.

Goodnight for now all~