Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Achey... sneezing... coughing... sleeping

For anyone that does check in on me on some sort of a basis... I am still here. Feeling yucky, but here all the same. I think I caught a wicked cold from my daughter, since she had it first. I felt mighty awful, but with the loving care of my hubby I am starting to feel better. He does such a good job with making me feel good about resting instead of the usual chores one does on a daily basis. He has always been good about that. He could care less what the house looks like, or what we eat, as long as I am happy. This usually makes me feel guilty... so I wind up doing the normal stuff anyway. :) Not the past week though... uh uh~ I've been laid up with this cold.

On the crafty front, I have been getting alot done. No beach walks for me lately. Lately I've been crocheting like mad. I just finished my third Nat econo shopper bag. I hope that is what it is called. They are really great for holding anything. I like the open netting for holding vegetables, and the stregnth is great for holding tons of cat food. I like hanging the cat food on the lower cabinet door. It's just easier than stacking when you have 5 mouths to feed, two times a day.

Started working on the HH bag for FF. I finished the scarf weeks ago. Now to take, and download some pictures! I promise that I will before my daughter visits, and steals the stuff. I'm still waiting for her to model the HH sweet pea as well, but that is actually hers for the taking.

Hope everyone else is feeling better, and the little kidlets are doing well in school. :)

I will add links later... I promise!!!!! Really!!!! Hey go visit Karen's knitting and Crochet on the side bar, and see what she made.