Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I haven't been able to get those pictures up here as yet. I am working on it though my friends! Just having a bit of family trouble now, which is getting in the way of ordinary things. You know that occasional wrench that gets thrown in to life once in a while? Well my sis, as much as I love her keeps getting involved in bad relationships. As much as my family tries to stear her in the right direction ~ well you know how it goes. She is 31, no kids (thank God). She continues to find the wrong guy no matter where he is in the world! So the complaints, and tears are what I have had to deal with for the past couple of days. I love her dearly with all of my heart, but alas she is a bum magnet!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Pictures... Pictures... Pictures

I know, I know... I have promised pictures. They will be on here tomorrow I promise. I am trying to figure out where to set up everything that I have received within the past three days. I want everything to look as great, as it does right here. I will officially thank my buddies that have sent me some really nice things though.

Mary S has sent my daughter Chris a beautiful little thread crochet square in Christmas colors, which I stole from Chris for the family tree. I would really like to do a separate tree in my office next year out of all squares like that. It is such a great reminder of all of the friends that I have made in the square swaps. That was from the Christmas ornament swap from Friends are like Family site.

From the same swap I received wayyyy to many goodies from my next pal Gloria. She was only supposed to send me an ornament, but she spoiled me. I guess that I know better than to ask to buy something from her from now on! She sent me the cutest things, wayyyy to many to mention (but there will be a picture with a description of all). She knows I'm either going to kill her or go to her house, and stay a week just to craft... lol... I'm not kidding! I think we are equally crazy when it comes to making things by hand.

Last but certainly not least, my bestest online bud Kenyetta sent me some wonderful goodies as well. She certainly is one talented knitter! Do yourself a favor, and visit her site just to check out the Barbie clothes that she is making. Unbelievable! You'll have to wait for the pictures of what she sent me as well, but I will tell you that some of them have to do with the squares swaps. She did make me some special squares, I am still overwhelmed~ (Kenny smooches!) Kenyetta's two girls Jasmine, and Khiande sent my daughter and I some wonderful goodies as well. We received two beautiful handmade ornaments: 1. A cute gingerbread man, and 2. A gorgeous Christmas tree. My daughter also received a little box to hide things in. They also drew me some fabulous pictures! Jasmine drew a great picture of one of my kitties in a Santa hat. (I wonder how she knows my cat wears one... hmmm) The kitty looks like she is patiently waiting for Santa to bring her something. Khiande drew me a picture that looks just like my tiny house, and Santa is coming down the chimney with a BIG bag of goodies. I sure hope he has my new SUV in there (I've been real good!). Well this is just a teaser. You will have to come back tomorrow to see just what I got. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! All five of you really made me, and my daughter feel very happy.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yikes! Email Galore

Well this is the first time that I can actually say that I am burnt out from e-mail. The valentines square swap is doing great! Everyone is getting along with eachother, but WOW the e-mails it's generating! LOL I read each and everyone of them of course, and I am making so many great friends. I couldn't get to my e-mail yesterday, and so today WHAM - over 160 emails.~ Like I titled this... Yikes! Anyways we are all getting together, and meeting at Mary's house (she's a yooper) uh huh. We are going to drink ourselves silly while we all try and teach Kenyetta how to crochet (she's a knitter). Mary lives near a casino, and I think she really just wants us all to go and gamble. Cause lately through e-mail, that is all she is talking about. It could be that she is starting to fear we are going to mess the house, so she is trying to get us somewhere else (away from the house... hehehe). Now that she knows we are all (about 20 of us) going to her house...I think she is getting worried!!! LOL Mary you have to be careful what you wish for!!! We are coming with hooks in hands!!! .... and it is only fitting that since Kenyetta is a nurse she bring the needles (knitting of course).