Monday, December 08, 2008

Hello world~

I don't know why it takes so long for me to blog. I really like blogging. It is a great release.

Currently I am still getting over a very bad bout of bronchitis. I'm still feeling very week from not getting enough sleep. However the past two nights have been very restful. :)

I'm getting a few things done that I am crocheting currently. Including a few gifts for online pals that have been promised ... like forever!! They were just on the back burner, but I am rounding up all WIPs and getting a move on finishing them before starting something new. Don't worry I will share.

Ok gotta run, and take a shower. Maybe I'll be able to surprise my husband with a home cooked meal tonight if I make it to the market. He has been so kind in taking care of me, as well as working. The dear guy ordered me to stay in bed all week last week. Only doing what needed to be done with the pets. That's one area he hates. Other than that he did dishes, made soup, or called out, and had to work. I'm very lucky to have him. ;)

Hugs to all!
I hope you are all on Santa's good list.