Thursday, June 28, 2007

I lied~

Ok so I said that I was going to post some crafty pictures, and well.... I lied. Yup lied. So I figured I would leave you with one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blah Tuesday~

I have so many things to get done today. I just got up a little while ago, and did the usual. Clean up the dog mistake. Take the dog for a sleepy walk. Grab the paper. Feed the cats, and the dog. Clean the litter. Fix a cup of coffee. Try to sit... but no there goes the dog with my yarn! The yarn was in a cake and as fast as I was running, the darn thing was unraveling. Ugh. Finally sitting and drinking my coffee with the computer on my lap. How did I get up two hours ago, and get nothing done yet?? HA!

Oh yeah that study about the first borns... I am one! Surprise, surprise siblings.

Have a great day everyone. I have some pictures to post tomorrow. I promise. Really. I will. Honest.

Bye bye!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2 posts in one day!

Has anyone seen this yet? Click here! Although the store hasn't been doing well in my opinion, I didn't think that this would happen.

Over the river, and through the woods....

To Grandmother's house we went~

I haven't been able to post in a bit, just because my head has been foggy. Just to much stuff in there to think about I guess.

Anywho... a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to cheer up Mom we went off to see her Mom "Grand Mom". Grandma is 90 years young, and doing so good. She is so cheerful, and happy, and talkative, and crafty. I'm wondering if her water is better than mine. Hmmmm....

Grandma lives at the Jersey Shore in an adult community with my Aunt M. We haven't visited in quite a while because my Step dad was sick, and Mom couldn't go. She is much further down the shore than we usually travel. Ok... no excuses you gotta visit your Grandma when you are lucky to still have one at my age.

Pete and I had such a great time. I fully expected him to be a little bored. He really got a kick out of my family. My Grandmother revealed to us how as a young woman, she use to go to NYC with her girlfriends during Fleet week to hang out with all the Navy men. We were all quite shocked by this. Grandma you naughty girl! My mother accidentally said "Mom you didn't hang out with Army men!" To which Grandma said "that's right I said Navy men!" Oh how we laughed~

As I looked around Grandma's little apartment I noticed something immediately. It looked just like my own place. There were all kinds of books, and projects being worked on. There was a beautiful crocheted blanket in a basket being worked on. A big embroidery basket was right next to my Grandmother's chair. Then she showed me where she hid her stash. Oh what a laugh we had. My Pete quickly understood where this gene came from. She went on to tell my hubby how she remembered teaching me to embroider when I was about 8. She told him about me having my own little hoop, and what a joy it was to teach me... because I was so curious about everything. Some things never change.

Grandma said that she just hopes that her Dr. gives her the ok so that she can travel. A few years ago she visited my cousin in Oklahoma, and she wants to get on a plane again really soon because it was such fun. She carries oxygen with her, and had to fly first class. I guess that is why she is so exited about going again. I hope the Dr. says it ok. She deserves the best of everything that life can give her that is for sure.

We thought that Mom would have enjoyed herself a little, she was happy the entire week before we went, but she really didn't show any signs of enjoying anything that day. She was actually kind of quiet, and snippy at times. I just hope for the best, and that she can pull herself through this terrible time. I can't imagine my life without Pete, and don't want to. I know that I would be wrecked. Losing my Step dad has brought everything into perspective for all of us. I don't think that any of us thought it would be this bad.

I wish that I had some pictures to post of this very happy visit with my Grandma, but I didn't bring the camera. For obvious reasons I thought I would be sending out the wrong message to Grandma by bringing a camera, but dang I should have. She probably would have posed!

Till next time....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ok so it looks a little different doesn't it? Well I upgraded to what was supposed to be easier editing, but I don't like it right now. With a little time I will figure it out. I am sure of that. This stuff is fun to me. Aggravating at times, but fun all the same.

If anyone knows the html to make the page whole instead of kind of pushed in the middle I sure would appreciate it. I've always hated how that looks, but noticed it doesn't look that way on everybodies computer. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions:
I sure would greatly appreciate it.

Not much going on that I can spill about right now. Feeling crappy, and the rain outside isn't helping my mood. I do like the rain though. I have to admit that. Maybe I'll take a nap... that should fix things!

Stolen from Su

Stolen from Su, just because~

You are Betty Grable

The ulitmate girl next door
You're the perfect girl for most guys
Pretty yet approachable. Beautiful yet real.