Friday, April 28, 2006


I am soooo glad that Friday is finally here!

Wow I get to cuddle with my hubby Pete for the weekend... well if he doesn't get any urgent calls. We own a painting/gutter business. It's been picking up in the painting area lately which is unusual since it is usually the other way around. He isn't complaining though. As a matter of fact he is hoping for more paint work. I like it because I get to see him more when it rains!

I'm not a Foodie Friday person yet. I just don't like to cook really. I have a lot of recipes, but not sure I want to give away family secrets yet ya know? Hmmm I'll have to think about it though. I mean of course I would give them to my friends, just not the whole friggin blogging community. Next thing I know my fabulous Crumb Cake will be posted everywhere! Next thing I know it will be on the shelves at the local grocery store. Well that would be good, cause then I wouldn't have to make it. Hence no dishes!

I know it isn't like anyone is begging me to join in. I just kinda feel left out. :(

Anyway Dad is home, but not doing well. Today he has to go in and get more blood taken. He just had some taken by the home nurse yesterday, but they are making him huff it over to the office with his walker anyway. Of course my Mom is driving. I didn't mean he was walking all the way. Something about his blood levels is showing that he is dry even though he is filling with water. His feet, and legs are huge. I don't know if the Dr's really know what the fuck they are doing.

I'm trying to clean up the blog a little. If you've been here you'll notice that some links are gone... I'll be posting some new one's as well. If anyone knows how I can make the font in the side bar smaller that would help a great deal, cause the code shit is giving me a headache!

Not much planned for the weekend. Maybe I'll talk Pete into going to the big flea market at Giants Stadium tomorrow. I just love all the stuff I find there... even though I don't need anything... as he always points out when we are there. This time, if we go (hehehe) I'm going to try and lose him for a little while. He always looks at guys shit anyway.

Ok I'm outta here. I solemnly swear to my buds that I will try and post more. I mean I am here all the time anyway answering the phone.

Oh click here if you aren't a self righteous person like this woman apparently is: Donna Lynn's Blog: News from the weekend. If your an asshole you'll agree with her, if not then you are human. Love is love, no matter how you love, and no matter who you love! There will only be one judge on judgment day, and I don't think that hate should work into any sector of the Christian religion. Want to judge? Judge my former religion Roman Catholic~ How do you think God will judge all those priests when they come before the pearly gates?

Donna Lynn, you are truly an asshole!

My blog, my space, my opinion~

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Step Dad update!

Well my step-Dad was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. He had to have a defibrulator put into his chest to help regulate the heart. Afterwards, he found out that he had to carry around a bag with an IV pump in it. The doctor says most likely he will have to carry it for the rest of his life.

He came home feeling really bummed out, and (you know men) very sorry for himself. I really can't blame him, because he is very out going, and this just adds to all of the other complications that he has had with the kidneys etc...

Tuesday night we were once again admitting him into the hospital. Thank God it was a direct admit, and we didn't have to wait for hours in the ER again. His feet were filling with fluid again, and as a result the heart doc felt that this could be the onset for heart failure again.

Yesterday... when visiting I came to find out that his room-mate was an amputee (sp?). 4 times this poor guy had to endure amputations, and he was in such pain. His wife was just the love of his life (you could tell). I had a nice conversation with her, and she told me how this will not effect her husband's mobility in any way. Before this last operation he took a special bus to wherever he needed to go. Dialysis 3 times a week, by himself. He would make sure he visited friends, and joined in with his Mooseclub activities as always. Well ... I wasted no time at all to whisper this to Dad who immediately perked up, and started feeling a little more lucky about life. So he has to carry a bag around. I'm sure we could get him an insulated fanny pack somwhere. Now I just wish he would ease up on my Mom a bit. She is really depressed, and being kinder and more patient than I've ever seen.

*This just in*~~ Just got a phone call from Mom while I was on the computer, that Dad may be coming home tomorrow. Now I just have to keep reminding him how lucky he is!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I don't know what to title the damn thing!

So how is everyone doing today? Hopefully everyone is in good health, and getting outside. The weather is absolutely beautiful here today, and what did I do... nap... Oh well it was a good nap either way. Now before the husband gets home I have a ton of shit to do. Thank goodness he works late when it is nice out, well when he has a paint job to do anyway.

Last week I had problems with birds being eaten again in my yard. Yes you read right. I like to hang a bird feeder in a little tree, outside of my dining room window. (sounds nice doesn't it? Actually the room is a mess!) Anyways I was having the same problem as last year with ferrel cats going after the doves. It was a really sad thing to find the feathers all over the yard, and it bothered me to the point where I got upset feeding the birds. I mean it was like I was giving the cats the bait. Well last week the same thing happened again. So today I'm laying on the couch being lazy, and napping when I here this weird noise. I said SHIT it's that friggin cat again. Well I run to the side window where two of my cats are perched and looking out the window. I just knew it was going to be a messy fight out there. I peer out as slowly as I can getting ready to bang on the window like a mad woman to scare the cat away (if the bird is ok). What do I see but a big ass turkey strutting and gobbling in my yard under the bird feeder eating the scraps. I was like wait a minute I live in a over populated burb in NJ, and this can't be for real. Now I'm really worried that a cat is going to have a feast with this huge bird, so I call my husband really quick. All the while sneaking out of the house so I can do something with this (for lack of a better word) big bird. My husband was laughing his ass off. After trying to call the bird over he goobled on over to the neighbors yard. Who just happened to be outside. So to be sure I wasn't seeing things I said hey (yeah I'm friendly) did you see that turkey? He was like OMG ... a turkey... a turkey, and then he ran in his house. Real help huh? lol My husband really gave it to me over the phone for not having the batteries in the camera at the time. Rest assured it will be downstairs and ready to go from now on (the procrastinator). I could have sent that to the local newspaper for kicks. Anyway thought I'd share!