Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Thank you for the Prayers!

Everyone is doing better! Thanks to all of the prayers, and kind wishes sent my way.

Dad came out of the hospital on Saturday. He is not completely out of the woods, but we are hoping that a new Dr. might help. The ass that is taking care of him finds nothing wrong. Even though Dad can't walk the Dr. suggested some laps around the mall nearby. I wonder if he wants him to drive there himself as well... ASS

Grandma is completely fine now! Unbelievable that they caught her stroke in time for that miracle drug. One minute she didn't know who anyone was, and the next day she was the same Grandma as before. Thank you to those quick thinking Drs. who knew that lots of people love Grandma. They saved her for us! You wouldn't know that this strong woman was 88 years old. She loves life, and embraces every moment. I have to send her some yarn! : ) I love Grandma!

I'll write again soon. Hopefully I will have some of my afghans put together so I can take some pics. I have squares, and strips everywhere in my house. Keeps the hands busy anyway!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Now my Grandmother!

My Mother, and I had spent a nice day together yesterday shopping. My Dad didn't want any visitors, cause he just wanted to sleep. I think they were giving him sedatives for a test they wanted to do on his lungs. His blood gases came back negative again, and once again they couldn't do the test. So sleepy he was with no results again. He called my cellphone to complain a few times either way, so I am sure he is feeling a little better.

So Mom, and I went for lunch near the local Rag Shop of course. We had a good time. My Mom isn't much for yarn, but well... that is right where my fingers headed. I got some of that Baby Bernat cotton to make some wash cloths, as well as a pattern book to make them. Not that I need to know how to make a square. I just needed another book to hide from the husband! lol

Well we came home, and bullshitted for a while. She got tired, and wanted to go home which is close-by. A little while later as a migraine was befalling me, my Mom called with bad news. She said that my Grandmother had a stroke. My Grandma lives about 3 hours away so it would be no easy feat to get to her, so we waited for some good news. Mom played phone tag all night with my Aunt, and called while I just dosed off with some pain medication which wasn't helping. She said that it didn't look good, but that she would call me in the morning. I didn't sleep well either way.

Well when I called her this morning she said that my Grandmother is doing much better. They had given her that new miracle drug, and she was slowly coming out of it. I'ts weird cause I just saw an episode of ER a few weeks ago concerning that medication. Thank you to whomever created it. Maybe Grandma will be back to Atlantic City in no time!

Well gotta go visit Dad in a bit. I hope that he isn't cranky this time. I'll be sure to bring my yarn with me either way, and make some wash cloths.

Please keep praying everyone! It really is working!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Thank you everyone!

I guess that blogging really does help somewhat. When I wrote about my Dad last week he was doing really shitty. Yesterday my Mom said that he was sitting in a chair when she visited him. That was great news. He hasn't wanted to get out of the bed for weeks now. He is really pushing to come home! His mental state isn't what it should be, but we think that has something to do with medication. We are hoping that is all it is at the moment. The tests keep saying all is ok... but who knows except the big man/woman upstairs!

Thank you to everyone that passed by and left me a comment. It really means alot when you know that someone out there is reading your blog. The personal connection that it brings is the best. All I wanted to do was sound off, and I received so many nice words from my cyber buds. Thanks to all of you.

Bye for now~ I'm going to surf your blogs!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


First of all I'd like to say hello to my one and only commenter Rebecca. You were wondering where I was. Well Rebecca, I've just been hanging around the hospital lately. I know that this is a little depressing, but I am trying to hold on to some hope that my Dad will be ok soon. It doesn't look that way, but we have hope. Like I keep telling my Mother "Prepare for the worse, and hope for the best". His kidney's are fading fast, and the meds don't seem to be kicking in.

Today is my Dad's 61st birthday. I just had to convince my sister on the phone that a party in a hospital bed just isn't what he wants, or needs. Since she does live a distance, I did tell her to please visit him on this special day. I also explained that we could hang some pictures of some funny things on the wall. We are a family of cat lovers, and always fight to get the best birthday card with a cat on it. I thought that would be the best idea. She doesn't realize that he has been extremely disoriented, and doesn't even realize that we (my mom, and I) are there at times lately. When he does recognize us he starts yelling at my Mom about something or other. Yesterday he thought he was going fishing on his boat, and today he thought he was leaving the hospital when we came in. He wanted the nurse to remove his needles.

I sure hope that everything turns around, but God does have his purpose for making people act the way that they do before he takes them. I sure hope this isn't the case, but unfortunately I have seen it before.

Sorry this has been a downer of a read. I've just been pretty depressed, and I think that it helps to type it out on here sometimes.

Happy Birthday Dad!