Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They say it's your birthday!!! (Beatles song)

Hi all!
Yes today is my birthday! My wish list is on the side there, so if you want to send me something go on and do it... lol... just kidding... ummm

42 isn't something that really makes me want to jump up, and down, but it is all in the way that you feel & look. I am pretty, so that is something.... lol. Ok you found me in a goofy mood. Why not "they say it's my birthday"!

Sorry I haven't been around all that much the two of you out there that care. :) I love ya's! Been gaming a lot lately, so if you want to play a game look for me in pogo under the name KCatz11. I haven't really been very social lately because in real life I find my self a little overwhelmed of late. I am a bit of a loner to begin with, so even one phone call could push me over the edge... lol Truly, you should ask my family. I get yelled at all the time. My mother knows that it has always been that way, even when I was a child so she doesn't mind all that much. Usually the people closest to me think that I am mad at them. This just isn't the case!

Picked up my hook lately, and started making some bookmarks again. This time I'll save them for Christmas presents. They are getting fancier. My husband is happy to see some of the supplies that lie on the end table in the living room finally going to use. Now if I could just muster up the energy to do the same with my glass supplies in the basement!

I think we are just going out to my favorite local Italian joint for dinner tonight (yummy), and then back to the house for cake. Wish the two of you could be here! :) Thanks for asking about my where abouts, and I promise not to disappear for so long again. Next time pictures!!!