Friday, May 25, 2007

Hello out there..... (cricket sound)

Trust me... this is where I want to be right now. Instead I sit here and type, and methodically plan what the weekend is going to bring. I think that I will hang around and clean, and plant in the yard. I'll probably wind up at the beach whichever day is more quiet, and weather permitting~

Today I have to bring the Mom to the Dr. She is having a very bad melt down due to Step Dad's death. I am sure it is to be expected. She has broken out with Shingles once again. I spoke with the Drs. office the other day, and they confirmed what I thought. STRESS! So off we go today to try and convince Mom to take some anti-depressants for at least a few months. She has been up and down with the mood swings. One day she's fine, the next crying all day, and the next the "Screamer" comes out. The one that yells at anyone in her path. The last person is going to drive me to drink and not stop!

On the crochet/crafty front I have finally started organizing my stuff. I am hoping that I will be more productive now that I can find everything. It was funny because just when I thought that I found all the yarn that one person could possibly could buy in a life time... I found another huge storage box full. I know that I am not saying anything that anyone else has not encountered. It was so nice petting all of my yummy stuff. I just hope that it is ok up in the attic, cause it can get really hot up there.

Ok boys and girls I'm outta here. Have a great weekend. Please drive safely, and sober. :)

Friday, May 04, 2007


TGIF to all! I hope that everyone has some nice plans for the weekend. The weather has started to get a lot better here in Jersey. I hope that it is that way where ever you may be.

My dog is having a relapse with behavior issues. I'm not checking because I think I posted about this already. She is pretty much driving me crazy. I think that she feels the stress that is probably oozing out of me. I met a man yesterday with a beautiful dog that suggested the obvious: "Obedience Training Classes". His dog was a huge New Foundland??? I hope I got that right. I'm sure that Chloe was only playing but she was acting like a maniac. This has to stop!! Yikes!! It's getting downright embarrassing taking a dog for a walk, that is actually walking me. Atleast I have gone down a size, and am making many neighbor friends.

I have to go to the court house with Mom today. She needs to get some legal papers to release accounts and stuff. I just hope this doesn't take all day. I'm really not in the mood today. I want to be as helpful as possible, but I have to be honest in saying that my smile is pretty fake these days. I just want to crawl into a room by myself for about a day or two. Of course with my computer! Geez what would I do without it.

Please look on the sidebar, and enter yourself in the Mother's Day contest. Great prizes are to be had!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not doing so well...

I haven't really posted much about my Mom lately. That's because last week she was in a pretty bad state with depression setting in. She denied that she was depressed, but I saw the tell tale signs of shingles setting in again. It was a pretty busy week of phone calls, and errand running, but worth every minute. I think that it made me, and my brother feel like we could finally help her out. So it was off to the store, and helping with the garbage, cool cloths, and just being there. It felt good to help her out.

This week the mood swings aren't as bad. Anyone that has had shingles knows what I am talking about. This week she is going through the angry period. That is ok. We are giving her plenty of help, and also distance when she needs it.

We are currently not pushing about the living arrangements. We are now planning on possibly building a new home right here. I really would hate to give up my NYC view. That would suck. So many new homes are going up, and I have a great lot with a sucky house. So... perhaps very soon you will be hearing building details.

I will be posting some pictures that have been found in the next few days. I really am quite scattered when it comes to getting any one thing done lately. I'm sure this is normal as well.

Bye for now!