Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I hope that everyone eats lots of candy today, and gets fat! lol... only kidding! Have a safe & happy one! Make sure your kids are watched every second if you do decide to let them ring bells. I'm glad my daughter is to old for that stuff. I think 21 is a good cut off age don't you?? LOL

Went to a crafts festival / flea market yesterday with my daughter. It wound up being more on the flea market end of things. Lots of old flea markety junk! The crafts that were there just happened to be prefab stuff that comes in kits, and were wayyy over priced. The other crafts that I saw there were only being looked at for copying value. Nobody really buys somebody else's hard work anymore. Everyone prefers to do it themselves these days. I guess that is why there is such a resurgence for home made goodness... the price tags! Yes we would all love to sell what we love to do, but does it always work out that way?

Just finished some gorgeous scarves over the weekend, and also made my daughter a hat that she scooped up right away. I have to make a mental memo to hide stuff from now on. Then again I get her great discount at the store she works at... so I guess it balances out. I really have to make a mental note to take back Mandee's card from her.

Camera batteries are charging right now. I will take pics of everything including Karen Carter's goodness to me being a SP when I can.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Please do not click on any links in the comments area that have anything to do with advertisement! I didn't want to have to turn on the stupid word verification thing, but I had to. Pictures will be coming as soon as I can find my rechargeble battery that rolled under the sink. It's yucky and raining today... I'm in a terrible mood, but I am fortunate enough to sit her... so I am lucky. :)

I took the test, and I am a bear. Could I post it no! Don't ask me why but everything else on the page disappeared.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Kids! Ugh!

Young or old, if you give birth to them, or adopt them they are your kids for life. My daughter is 21 years old, and just called me a little while ago for a ride home. Her boyfriend didn't show up for some reason. This meant that I had to move two vehicles in the driveway (not allowed to park on street). One of the vehicles was a big ass Hertz rental truck that my dh had to rent for work.

You can probably figure out what happened... I get there, and there she is with her boyfriend. I just drove by and waived I was sooo pissed. I mean I was very happy that she was safe, but I am a miserable person at around 11pm. Especially in my PJs.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Ok, everyone, and I mean everyone has terrific pics on their blogs with their projects featured. Why don't I? I am always taking pictures of my Secret Pals gifts, and things. Never am I taking pictures or mentioning my projects. Hmmm.... I have to fix that!

Another thing that I must correct is that Percy is in fact a cat! Now I know that he looks like a tough cat, but he is in no way a dog. Maybe it was just the angle that I took the picture. lol

There isn't to much that I can say because I will give myself away to my SP.

Went to a knitting / crochet fair at my daughter's place of work, and I have to say in all fairness it was really a knitting fair. Even though there were mostly professional knitters there, I saw most people purchasing crochet supplies. Also I can only blame myself because they did want to hire me for the day to do crochet demos. I just didn't think I was good enough. Needless to say I will do it next time, because I am better than no crocheter at all!

I had so much fun either way looking, and touching all the yummy new yarns, and buy them at a decent discount. Although I do get a great discount all the time, this was kinda fun because there were alot of other crazy yarnaholics there as well.

Holla back!