Friday, October 21, 2005

Kids! Ugh!

Young or old, if you give birth to them, or adopt them they are your kids for life. My daughter is 21 years old, and just called me a little while ago for a ride home. Her boyfriend didn't show up for some reason. This meant that I had to move two vehicles in the driveway (not allowed to park on street). One of the vehicles was a big ass Hertz rental truck that my dh had to rent for work.

You can probably figure out what happened... I get there, and there she is with her boyfriend. I just drove by and waived I was sooo pissed. I mean I was very happy that she was safe, but I am a miserable person at around 11pm. Especially in my PJs.

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Lynlee said...

And you didn't disown her??? Wow. That's a great mom!