Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Ok, everyone, and I mean everyone has terrific pics on their blogs with their projects featured. Why don't I? I am always taking pictures of my Secret Pals gifts, and things. Never am I taking pictures or mentioning my projects. Hmmm.... I have to fix that!

Another thing that I must correct is that Percy is in fact a cat! Now I know that he looks like a tough cat, but he is in no way a dog. Maybe it was just the angle that I took the picture. lol

There isn't to much that I can say because I will give myself away to my SP.

Went to a knitting / crochet fair at my daughter's place of work, and I have to say in all fairness it was really a knitting fair. Even though there were mostly professional knitters there, I saw most people purchasing crochet supplies. Also I can only blame myself because they did want to hire me for the day to do crochet demos. I just didn't think I was good enough. Needless to say I will do it next time, because I am better than no crocheter at all!

I had so much fun either way looking, and touching all the yummy new yarns, and buy them at a decent discount. Although I do get a great discount all the time, this was kinda fun because there were alot of other crazy yarnaholics there as well.

Holla back!


Anonymous said...

I have yet to have such an experience of going to a place where there's other people who are crazy about fiber like me; with the exception of LYS's. Glad you got the opportunity.

Your SP

Lynlee said...

I wanna go to a crochet fair, even if it is for knitters... *pouts*

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