Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainy Tuesday~

Wow I finally have a moment to myself. My husband the dear guy is working today, as I will be in a few moments. Tons of paperwork to get done.

My hubby was home yesterday, and I insisted that he take me out of the house last night. I was not going to sit in front of the TV again. I just had to go out. So he nicely brought me to his favorite Steak House. This is funny because I don't eat steak. I did have a delicious salad however with grilled chicken, with a side order of yummy big steak fries. It was terrific!

Right after dinner, I said ok... we went to your favorite place now we go to mine. "Lowes"!!! It's so close to my house that you could almost touch it, but I keep putting it off. I really needed to get some bird supplies, and they really have a nice assortment, of feeders, houses, and feed.

When we got there I did like I usually do... drive him nuts asking his opinion about this and that. He was like "Kell I always tell you to come to these places by yourself, it doesn't matter to me". Since they were closing in 10 minutes I settled on a pretty cooper feeder for the time being, till I can steal some time away by myself. The was decision isn't easy because I have squirrels that really like to eat my feeders. I don't mind feeding them, so the one's that keep them out were not up my alley, but I don't want them eating the feeder! So wood was out! The plastic one that I have now is terrible because when the squirrels bite at it, it sounds like someone is breaking into the house. You wouldn't believe how loud it is. I also needed something big enough for the bigger birds that I am trying to keep in my yard (Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, and so on). This temporary one is great because it also has a tray that the bigger birds can sit on. This is what I got for now. A little smaller than I'd like:

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This is what I was looking for, but I can't find it even online. It is much easier for the squirrels, and the jays to get jumbo nuts out of. I can't find one anywhere! I guess I'll have to make one.

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Today it is rainy so I intend on getting some work done, and also some of the baby blanket that I am working on. I will get pictures up soon. :)

If you haven't joined Fiber Freaks yet, get your booty over there!

As I am writing this the squirrel is eating the plastic from the other feeder!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Packet of Pictures~

I really have to get some of my craftiness on this blog. It seems that it is turning more into a personal outlet, and that was not my original intention. Honestly people! Do you think I really want to bore you.

Anyway... my bio Dad died 2 years ago. This was due to Luekemia. I wished that it would have taken his life sooner, because he suffered very bad. He hated the word hospital. Wow you couldn't say that word. He lost much of his sight, speech, and movement all in the last year or so. I tried to visit as much as possible, but I know that it was never enough. My aunt Pat was taking care of him, and would call me now and again to say (basically) get your butt over here. I really didn't like going to his 2nd wife's home. The wife and I somehow managed to get along to help him with his journey, but I always felt uncomfortable. Every time I tried to visit while she was working she would show up. Therefore not having a visit with Dad, but a nosey visit with the wife. My heart still hurts, but I know that my Dad understood why I stayed away much of the time... I am my father's daughter. Many of his traits were genetically transferred into me. After the memorial for my Dad I completely severed all ties. A little more than a year passed, and then my Aunt Pat who lived with them died. I never went to her memorial, and I am sure that she understood as well. Family genetics is a bitch, isn't it? Especially when you are born stubborn, and Irish to boot.

I tried to contact my cousins on a few occasions with no success. My only request was pictures that were promised to me. I never got a response. I suppose they were mad at me for not coming to their Mom's memorial. I totally understand. Finally the other day I get a big package in the mail. It was all of my baby photos, and photos of when my parents were married. Pictures of my Grandma, and Grandpa. Happy Christmas times as well with aluminum trees. It hurt... I cried... I can now go on.

I know that I have no extended family, but they are not the only one's to blame... Stupid Irish blood!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bad blogger I am!

Ok, so you may have seen a trend with me lately. I have been trying to be a good blogger, and let you in to see a bit of my life. There I go slipping up, and not blogging! Bad Kitty! Bad!....

There was a song that I had in my head for most of the weekend by Evanescence. It made me cry because it was saying everything that I've felt lately. I know I've been quite emotional lately, and most of the time I don't admit that. A bit of PMS, and a bit of reality I guess. Wow thats a title~ It just seems like everything that I placed on my platter is falling off.

Pete, and I went to Keansburg over the weekend. I've been going since I was a kid because it's just something you do in Jersey, besides the Seaside Heights experience. Every year I go mainly just to check it out, and run to the car. I have to admit that Keansburg was getting a little scarey. Then there was a fire, and now people are trying to change it for the better. Slowly... very slowly it is happening. It's has some big rides, lots of kiddy rides, and some wheels to play with dumb prizes. I brought my daughter when she was little as well. She loved it. I remember going on the same rides isn't that funny?

That night we didn't play the wheels or anything. I never do anymore. I got a zeppoli, and played the shooting game. You know the one where you shoot the objects around in the enclosed area. It's more like a lazor rifle. My husband laughs whenever he insists we play, because I know how to shoot. I beat him all the time. We go shot for shot, and I'm not the girly girl that will let the guy win. No way! We stopped after that to watch a few kids having fun now and again, and then we decided to go check out the boats docked at the Marina in the Atlantic Highlands. It's a pretty close drive from Keansburg.

When I got back to my car I found a nice little ticket on it. Apparently you now have to walk over to a machine which I didn't see, and pay for a paper ticket to put on your windshield. Odd that I didn't see that, or a sign when I was coming in. I did see lots of tickets on other vehicles however. Needless to say I was very pissed off. There should have been more signs posted. I will pay it without question. I figure it will be my donation to the clean up, but I will enclose a note with my ticket. Even though it will problably go un-noticed, it will make me feel better to write it.

So we went to the Atlantic Highlands Marina, and walked along the docks. We decided long ago that we want to some day own a sailboat, so our focus was mainly on them. They are beautiful, and difficult to figure out... just like me. Just kidding! At the end of one dock there was this huge yacht. It was overwhelming, and yet breath taking. I was trying to imagine the person/people that own it. I haven't seen anything like that docked since visiting Nantucket. There are plenty of them there, and they don't stick out like a sore thumb like this one. In Nantucket they are just another accessory for the rich like jewelry. I always try to get a feel for something, and this yacht that I was staring at was screaming happiness to me. I don't know why, but I was also happy looking at it. I was happy for the lucky owner as well. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because I don't see myself as being an envious person.

I went to Target` yesterday, and bought 15 big plastic boxes that were on sale. I want to get everything out of the basement, and up into the attic. The problem is that the kiddo left most of her shit upstairs, and I have been continuously fighting with her to clean it up. Now I am going to throw most of it away. I can't wait any longer. Most of my stuff is up there already. Now it needs to be painted for the third time since owning this money pit. Atleast I won't have to see purple or electric pink anymore. Give me white, or beige anyday.

Sorry to bore!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Invisable Brother!

Well I didn't get much done, with the time that I had left with the weekend. I just basically lazed around the house with the hubby, watching movies. I can't seem to get him to sit for a movie, but finally got him to watch one of my favorites "Whale Rider". We watched that in the morning. That night I got him to watch "Ten Things I Hate About You". I just had to see Heath's butt. The whole time I was thinking of things I should have been doing instead. You know GUILT.

The hallway is pretty much completely renovated to the way that I like it. With the exception of some molding work, and some spakle in a few places that were missed. Those are the things I can complete myself. I just don't have the motivation. Then comes the hard part "Decorating". It usually takes me a good three times to get something painted the right color before I like it. Since the hallway is traditional, I would like to keep it that way. I like the old look compared to modern any day. There is just some artsy appeal to it. The color for above the wainscoting is going to be the traditional sage green. While this is not an original choice it soothes my eyes.The wainscoting is going to be a clean beige, as are the risers on the stairs. Ohhh electric is needed as well. I guess that is a biggy. Even though my brother in law said that he could hook the new lights in, without a problem. It became a problem. There were a few other things that he should have done, but now we will have to finish. I guess we should have remembered not to hire family! Well not in this family anyway. Before you leave comments saying that family is cheaper, your wrong. He got paid what any one else would have, or more. Here are some pictures of the hallway believe it or not... lol

(All images are clickable, thanks to a friend)


I have more of the hallway, but I will save them for before and afters.

Here is a picture of the doiley that Stacey gifted to me. It is one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever held in my hands. She is truly gifted. Visit her blog when you get a chance. Talk about thread art! Wow!

(Once again all is clickable!)

And for today I will leave you with some family photos~

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Molly & Princess
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Sorry folks, but Lucky is just a little camera shy. I think it has something to do with him being the only male, in a female dominated home.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The F Word~ ... and don't go to the beach!

Well Pete hasn't been able to work in this terrible heat. So what do we do... go to the beach with all the other idiots, that you see sweating in the News reports. We figured it had to be better near the waves, and the wind. We were so wrong...

We went to Manasquan (Jersey Shore), last week as reported. We had a fabulous time.This week we fit in Thursday, and Friday. A four day weekend is a treat. How sweet~ We weren't alone this time though. We took my daughter, and her boyfriend along both days. Thursday was hotter than hell. The sand was so hot we were burning our feet. Other people laughed. Ahhh.. beach humor. When we found a spot nearest to the water, we set up everything like usual, working as a team. We first got the umbrella in the sand, positioned the chairs just so. Laid our blanket down in the sun. Then took a seat and looked at the beautiful blue water.. That's when we met the F word. Oh they were small, but wow did they bite! They were Flies! Every where huge Sand flies! Wow there were 20 teaming each one of us. The only relief was to run into the water, and swim with the fishes. Everyone was complaining, but the water was fun to swim in as well. The four of us had a great time, but we had to stay near the water. Snacking was a no no!

That night over Pizza in town, we all decided to just do it again the following day. Just leave our shit in the trunk, just get some fresh towels, and go to our spot the next day. We figured it couldn't possibly be as bad.

The beach that we most often hang out at is in Manasquan. No I won't tell you the exact area (they all have names)... unless you ask. It's pretty secluded from the screaming kids, and their parents. Only the cool parents with their little ones hang on our part of the beach. It is not a free beach, so if you have a bad day your screwed money wise. Of course that would be a no brainer, but it sucks so much more.

The first thing that should have tipped us off was the badge seller. We joked, and told her to let us in for free since the previous day sucked. She looked at the four of us and laughed. She said listen... I'll let you go by without admission, because the simple fact that you are in for a worse day of torturing yourselves is funny. Let me tell you we were scared! LOL We started getting attacked on the way to finding a spot. It wasn't tough because no one was really there. It was horrible for everyone in our group but me. See... I decided the night before to make sure I wore my bikini bottoms. I always wear a short sleeved light weight shirt over them, of course with my comfy bra. Nothing seems to hold the bad boys up like my Bali bras. Anyway even though my husband had bug repellent this time it didn't help. Needless to say the bikini bottom came in handy right away, because I swam for 4 hours straight. I only stopped for water, and an occasional sunscreen break... which occured at the water line anyway.

Today is now Saturday. I will not go near the beach until I hear a wind advisory stating that the frigging FLIES are out to sea! There is something about the west wind carrying them in on the beach, therefore we were attacked. We made a bunch of friends with the regulars we always see, and no one has ever seen it this bad. Please stay away! Looking at the traffic heading down there Friday night was making us laugh really hard in the car.

BTW... on the car ride home. My daughter said "please don't say the F word anymore, I'm in pain". LOL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer Daze....

Wow is it hot outside, or what? The heat advisories are now in effect. I just hope that people pay attention to them. Look what is happening in California. Very sad. I'm thinking my elderly neighbor may need a friendly hello, and perhaps a lending hand with store errands. I'll see if I get up the guts to do it. She is a little weird. If I don't see her daughter's car today then I will definetly go over this afternoon.

We went to the beach on Saturday. We were originally going to a hot air balloon festival, but just didn't feel like the long drive with the directions in hand. We wanted to go some place familiar, and just veg out. I think it was the first time that we ever went by ourselves. The traffic was horrible, but we talked the whole way there. We actually learned some new things about eachother. Isn't that funny? I've heard you can learn something new every day about your spouse... now I know it is true.

We first stopped in town to our favorite deli, and had sandwiches in a basket. This deli also makes the best potato salad ever! I call it potato salad ice cream. Pete also got me to try rice pudding for the first time in my life and LOVED it~ I was hogging up all of my his. Wow was it yummy. He said that it usually isn't that good... so don't expect it like that every where. Can I say again rice pudding is YUMMY! I use to think it looked like ... well use your imagination. Looks can be deceiving!

We then proceeded to the beach with our cooler full of bottled water, a towel, a blanket, beach necessities, and an umbrella. Umbrellas, and a high SPF spray are a must have with my fair skin. We had fun talking the whole day long. Pete got me to go in the water, which normally I wouldn't do except to look for shells. I'm more of a pool swimmer. The water has cleaned up a lot at the Jersey Shore, and was very blue and inviting.

We stayed around to collect shells, and watch the surfers. It was a very relaxing day. Usually I bring a book, yarn, and my camera. This time I didn't because we didn't have extra hands to carry the overload. I think I had more fun with just the two of us. It felt like we were dating. We left the beach around 6:30, and after cleaning ourselves up we went for dinner in town. A great ending to a perfect day. Although I would have liked more of that rice pudding! LOL

I am currently crocheting some cozies for my daughter's Nintendo ds, as well as some tiny doilies. Don't ask about pictures anymore. When you see them, you'll know I've cooperated with the blog laws of show & tell. Till next time... hugs to all that have been kind to me.

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