Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bad blogger I am!

Ok, so you may have seen a trend with me lately. I have been trying to be a good blogger, and let you in to see a bit of my life. There I go slipping up, and not blogging! Bad Kitty! Bad!....

There was a song that I had in my head for most of the weekend by Evanescence. It made me cry because it was saying everything that I've felt lately. I know I've been quite emotional lately, and most of the time I don't admit that. A bit of PMS, and a bit of reality I guess. Wow thats a title~ It just seems like everything that I placed on my platter is falling off.

Pete, and I went to Keansburg over the weekend. I've been going since I was a kid because it's just something you do in Jersey, besides the Seaside Heights experience. Every year I go mainly just to check it out, and run to the car. I have to admit that Keansburg was getting a little scarey. Then there was a fire, and now people are trying to change it for the better. Slowly... very slowly it is happening. It's has some big rides, lots of kiddy rides, and some wheels to play with dumb prizes. I brought my daughter when she was little as well. She loved it. I remember going on the same rides isn't that funny?

That night we didn't play the wheels or anything. I never do anymore. I got a zeppoli, and played the shooting game. You know the one where you shoot the objects around in the enclosed area. It's more like a lazor rifle. My husband laughs whenever he insists we play, because I know how to shoot. I beat him all the time. We go shot for shot, and I'm not the girly girl that will let the guy win. No way! We stopped after that to watch a few kids having fun now and again, and then we decided to go check out the boats docked at the Marina in the Atlantic Highlands. It's a pretty close drive from Keansburg.

When I got back to my car I found a nice little ticket on it. Apparently you now have to walk over to a machine which I didn't see, and pay for a paper ticket to put on your windshield. Odd that I didn't see that, or a sign when I was coming in. I did see lots of tickets on other vehicles however. Needless to say I was very pissed off. There should have been more signs posted. I will pay it without question. I figure it will be my donation to the clean up, but I will enclose a note with my ticket. Even though it will problably go un-noticed, it will make me feel better to write it.

So we went to the Atlantic Highlands Marina, and walked along the docks. We decided long ago that we want to some day own a sailboat, so our focus was mainly on them. They are beautiful, and difficult to figure out... just like me. Just kidding! At the end of one dock there was this huge yacht. It was overwhelming, and yet breath taking. I was trying to imagine the person/people that own it. I haven't seen anything like that docked since visiting Nantucket. There are plenty of them there, and they don't stick out like a sore thumb like this one. In Nantucket they are just another accessory for the rich like jewelry. I always try to get a feel for something, and this yacht that I was staring at was screaming happiness to me. I don't know why, but I was also happy looking at it. I was happy for the lucky owner as well. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because I don't see myself as being an envious person.

I went to Target` yesterday, and bought 15 big plastic boxes that were on sale. I want to get everything out of the basement, and up into the attic. The problem is that the kiddo left most of her shit upstairs, and I have been continuously fighting with her to clean it up. Now I am going to throw most of it away. I can't wait any longer. Most of my stuff is up there already. Now it needs to be painted for the third time since owning this money pit. Atleast I won't have to see purple or electric pink anymore. Give me white, or beige anyday.

Sorry to bore!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly--It's not what I'm using to strip (citri-strip) that will cause me to have to rinse the thing three times--it's the oxalic bleach (the internet sites I found said to use deck brightener since you can't find oxalic bleach) to get rid of the black rings I found underneath the paint on the top of the dresser. It should also bring out the natural coloring of the wood. But I've yet to figure out if I should just use it on the dresser top or I have to use it everywhere so that the surfaces match. Ay yi yi, such a long process! I might have to look to you for an answer or two!