Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shit it's been a long time!!

Ok, I realize I've been a bad blogger. I guess I didn't think anyone really cared, and I started sounding whiney to myself... so I stopped for a little while.

Lot's has been going on in my life. Concerning my kid, my health, and Ravelry... which by the way takes up much of my life in such a good way. Ravelry consumes my mind from thinking about my real problems. Do yourself a favor, and join if you haven't already. My name is Kellycat over there, look me up and just say hi. I promise not to bite! :)

My sweet Chloe (my pup) was sick, and I didn't think her immune system would recover. Well homeopathy, and some tender lovin care has turned my girl around. I'm sooo happy! Also a big thanks to Kenyetta my pal for the brewers yeast suggestion as well. It has been added to Chloe's vitamin regiment, and it has helped in her health improvement all around. I suppose it helped everything else start working faster. Her skin has also improved greatly, and I appreciated the nudging!! :)

I'm currently working on projects for the Ravelympics, and it has made me want to crochet all the more. I'm so happy to have the hook in my hand again. Also hanging out with such a big knitting crowd has wetted my appetite to learn that as well. I really think the two arts can compliment eachother, especially when used on the same project.

Ok back to life, and getting some things done around the house!

Love to all that read~ Kelly/Kellycat