Saturday, August 05, 2006

The F Word~ ... and don't go to the beach!

Well Pete hasn't been able to work in this terrible heat. So what do we do... go to the beach with all the other idiots, that you see sweating in the News reports. We figured it had to be better near the waves, and the wind. We were so wrong...

We went to Manasquan (Jersey Shore), last week as reported. We had a fabulous time.This week we fit in Thursday, and Friday. A four day weekend is a treat. How sweet~ We weren't alone this time though. We took my daughter, and her boyfriend along both days. Thursday was hotter than hell. The sand was so hot we were burning our feet. Other people laughed. Ahhh.. beach humor. When we found a spot nearest to the water, we set up everything like usual, working as a team. We first got the umbrella in the sand, positioned the chairs just so. Laid our blanket down in the sun. Then took a seat and looked at the beautiful blue water.. That's when we met the F word. Oh they were small, but wow did they bite! They were Flies! Every where huge Sand flies! Wow there were 20 teaming each one of us. The only relief was to run into the water, and swim with the fishes. Everyone was complaining, but the water was fun to swim in as well. The four of us had a great time, but we had to stay near the water. Snacking was a no no!

That night over Pizza in town, we all decided to just do it again the following day. Just leave our shit in the trunk, just get some fresh towels, and go to our spot the next day. We figured it couldn't possibly be as bad.

The beach that we most often hang out at is in Manasquan. No I won't tell you the exact area (they all have names)... unless you ask. It's pretty secluded from the screaming kids, and their parents. Only the cool parents with their little ones hang on our part of the beach. It is not a free beach, so if you have a bad day your screwed money wise. Of course that would be a no brainer, but it sucks so much more.

The first thing that should have tipped us off was the badge seller. We joked, and told her to let us in for free since the previous day sucked. She looked at the four of us and laughed. She said listen... I'll let you go by without admission, because the simple fact that you are in for a worse day of torturing yourselves is funny. Let me tell you we were scared! LOL We started getting attacked on the way to finding a spot. It wasn't tough because no one was really there. It was horrible for everyone in our group but me. See... I decided the night before to make sure I wore my bikini bottoms. I always wear a short sleeved light weight shirt over them, of course with my comfy bra. Nothing seems to hold the bad boys up like my Bali bras. Anyway even though my husband had bug repellent this time it didn't help. Needless to say the bikini bottom came in handy right away, because I swam for 4 hours straight. I only stopped for water, and an occasional sunscreen break... which occured at the water line anyway.

Today is now Saturday. I will not go near the beach until I hear a wind advisory stating that the frigging FLIES are out to sea! There is something about the west wind carrying them in on the beach, therefore we were attacked. We made a bunch of friends with the regulars we always see, and no one has ever seen it this bad. Please stay away! Looking at the traffic heading down there Friday night was making us laugh really hard in the car.

BTW... on the car ride home. My daughter said "please don't say the F word anymore, I'm in pain". LOL


Lynlee said...

Ew. Hope they're gone soon!

Deneen said...

I do hate the flies and hopefully, Ventnor won't have too many-they'll just have all those mussels that washed up on the beach while the city waits for the tide to take them out to sea (NOT)

Pink said...'s making me itch just thinking about 'em!

Kenyetta said...

I know how you are feeling, everyone in class tease me because I don't like to stay outside because of the bugs! Mosquitos love me, I guess cuz I am soo sweet! LOL