Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainy Tuesday~

Wow I finally have a moment to myself. My husband the dear guy is working today, as I will be in a few moments. Tons of paperwork to get done.

My hubby was home yesterday, and I insisted that he take me out of the house last night. I was not going to sit in front of the TV again. I just had to go out. So he nicely brought me to his favorite Steak House. This is funny because I don't eat steak. I did have a delicious salad however with grilled chicken, with a side order of yummy big steak fries. It was terrific!

Right after dinner, I said ok... we went to your favorite place now we go to mine. "Lowes"!!! It's so close to my house that you could almost touch it, but I keep putting it off. I really needed to get some bird supplies, and they really have a nice assortment, of feeders, houses, and feed.

When we got there I did like I usually do... drive him nuts asking his opinion about this and that. He was like "Kell I always tell you to come to these places by yourself, it doesn't matter to me". Since they were closing in 10 minutes I settled on a pretty cooper feeder for the time being, till I can steal some time away by myself. The was decision isn't easy because I have squirrels that really like to eat my feeders. I don't mind feeding them, so the one's that keep them out were not up my alley, but I don't want them eating the feeder! So wood was out! The plastic one that I have now is terrible because when the squirrels bite at it, it sounds like someone is breaking into the house. You wouldn't believe how loud it is. I also needed something big enough for the bigger birds that I am trying to keep in my yard (Jays, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, and so on). This temporary one is great because it also has a tray that the bigger birds can sit on. This is what I got for now. A little smaller than I'd like:

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This is what I was looking for, but I can't find it even online. It is much easier for the squirrels, and the jays to get jumbo nuts out of. I can't find one anywhere! I guess I'll have to make one.

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Today it is rainy so I intend on getting some work done, and also some of the baby blanket that I am working on. I will get pictures up soon. :)

If you haven't joined Fiber Freaks yet, get your booty over there!

As I am writing this the squirrel is eating the plastic from the other feeder!


Deneen said...

I gave up on the feeders. I bought one of those metal and wood suet cake holders and the damn squirrels bend the thick metal grating to get to the suet. We just do the pinecones, covered in a mixture of peanut butter and breadcrumbs and then rolled in bird seed. We hang em with a ribbon from the tree.

Kelly said...

D- You wouldn't believe just how many feeders I have gone through. I really don't mind the squirrels though, I understand they are hungry too. I guess I should have added that the bird thing is also a big hobby of mine amoung many others. I've identified as many as perhaps 30 birds, and some weren't even supposed to be in my area.

Pink said...

Sounds like you need a big 'ol clay flower pot saucer hanging from the trees! I love that you feed the birds and don't mind the squirrels...we have some squirrels here that sound like yapping dogs, especially when they want their breakfast and the birds want theirs!

Jewels said...

The feeders on the bottom are so nice. Maybe make one with a clay pot tray? Oh, LOL, just saw Pink had that idea too. I'm the same, I like feeding the squirrels too. We have finches and beautiful singing chickadees and bluejays, I get a lot of joy watching and hearing them all summer.

Kenyetta said...

Lowes is your favorite store now????

Darlene said...

Birds kinda creep me out - I do, however, love bird-feeders, but, alas, will never own one. *sigh*

blondebabypeaches said...

you have real squirrels?!? - Ive only seen them in picture books. None here in Australia. I have always thought they were cute!

factor 10 said...

Okay, I am a week late with this comment and I'm not sure where you live, but you ARE a crafter--do you have a Joann's near you? Mine had feeders a lot like the photos for 80% off...crazy deals.