Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I don't know what to title the damn thing!

So how is everyone doing today? Hopefully everyone is in good health, and getting outside. The weather is absolutely beautiful here today, and what did I do... nap... Oh well it was a good nap either way. Now before the husband gets home I have a ton of shit to do. Thank goodness he works late when it is nice out, well when he has a paint job to do anyway.

Last week I had problems with birds being eaten again in my yard. Yes you read right. I like to hang a bird feeder in a little tree, outside of my dining room window. (sounds nice doesn't it? Actually the room is a mess!) Anyways I was having the same problem as last year with ferrel cats going after the doves. It was a really sad thing to find the feathers all over the yard, and it bothered me to the point where I got upset feeding the birds. I mean it was like I was giving the cats the bait. Well last week the same thing happened again. So today I'm laying on the couch being lazy, and napping when I here this weird noise. I said SHIT it's that friggin cat again. Well I run to the side window where two of my cats are perched and looking out the window. I just knew it was going to be a messy fight out there. I peer out as slowly as I can getting ready to bang on the window like a mad woman to scare the cat away (if the bird is ok). What do I see but a big ass turkey strutting and gobbling in my yard under the bird feeder eating the scraps. I was like wait a minute I live in a over populated burb in NJ, and this can't be for real. Now I'm really worried that a cat is going to have a feast with this huge bird, so I call my husband really quick. All the while sneaking out of the house so I can do something with this (for lack of a better word) big bird. My husband was laughing his ass off. After trying to call the bird over he goobled on over to the neighbors yard. Who just happened to be outside. So to be sure I wasn't seeing things I said hey (yeah I'm friendly) did you see that turkey? He was like OMG ... a turkey... a turkey, and then he ran in his house. Real help huh? lol My husband really gave it to me over the phone for not having the batteries in the camera at the time. Rest assured it will be downstairs and ready to go from now on (the procrastinator). I could have sent that to the local newspaper for kicks. Anyway thought I'd share!


Karla said...

LOL at the turkey story. You know, strange thing is that I saw I wild turkey today, too! We were on our way to SIL Betty's home and this huge turkey comes running across the road in front of us and into the woods! It was wild to see! I never expected to see a turkey streaking across the road!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My brother is doing ok with the death of his youngest brother. We went to see his sister Betty which we hadn't done in 3 years! She seems to be doing ok - she has 6 cats in her house so she is definitely not alone! LOL

Kari said...

Well it's not so strange when you think about the fact it's coming into their 'mating season'. All animals do strange things during that time lol.

I grew up where it was common to see whole flocks in your yard but never saw one at my birdfeeders. Bet that was a sight to see.

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

Hi Jersey Girl, thanks for visiting my blog.
The turkey story is so funny. I think I would freak if I saw a turkey in my yard. I just have skunk, rabbits and groundhogs and a ferrel cat that keeps trying to come into my house!

Kelly said...

Kari ~ It's pretty strange in my part of NJ trust me!

Stitch ~ Thats all I get as well, on the most part. Just your regular ground animals. If you don't have a cat... you need one! lol

Karla ~ Glad to hear that your family is doing well. Your SIL is in good company... I have 5!