Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yikes! Email Galore

Well this is the first time that I can actually say that I am burnt out from e-mail. The valentines square swap is doing great! Everyone is getting along with eachother, but WOW the e-mails it's generating! LOL I read each and everyone of them of course, and I am making so many great friends. I couldn't get to my e-mail yesterday, and so today WHAM - over 160 emails.~ Like I titled this... Yikes! Anyways we are all getting together, and meeting at Mary's house (she's a yooper) uh huh. We are going to drink ourselves silly while we all try and teach Kenyetta how to crochet (she's a knitter). Mary lives near a casino, and I think she really just wants us all to go and gamble. Cause lately through e-mail, that is all she is talking about. It could be that she is starting to fear we are going to mess the house, so she is trying to get us somewhere else (away from the house... hehehe). Now that she knows we are all (about 20 of us) going to her house...I think she is getting worried!!! LOL Mary you have to be careful what you wish for!!! We are coming with hooks in hands!!! .... and it is only fitting that since Kenyetta is a nurse she bring the needles (knitting of course).


Anonymous said...

Kelly, You have that wrong! I'm a YOOPER!! Upper Michigan Yooper! I think Barb is bringing a camo VW which we will park next to my out house as it will blend in with the landscaping. After all those drinks, I don't care how messy hubby's garage gets.
That's the meeting place, as he has a fridge, a bathroom, microwave, tv and 2 phones plus one of those outdoor sets with the couch and matching glass top coffee table and a long fold down table with attached seats like in a school lunchroom! What more could we ask for? We will have Kenyetta to take care of our hangovers since she is a nurse!!!! Gotta love it! Mary

Kenyetta said...

LOL...I don't have a license to drive or nurse yet, so I'm drinking all I want...And I'm usually drunk after one, two drinks tops-- You all sure you want me to nurse everyone??!!