Monday, November 29, 2004

Complete Overload!

That is exactly how I feel today! Blogger isn't working all that great today, and nothing else seems to be going well either. I'm trying to get some work done for my new boss, and I keep getting distracted (as you can tell). I have so much running around to do today it isn't funny. Now that I am working for hubby's friend, I think that hubby is getting a little jealous. Now he is overloading me with things to do for him! Ugh!!! All of the running around is for the hubby, meanwhile I am trying to create spreadsheets for boss #2 (I'll call him). Well I gotta go wake up the kid, and get in the shower to the running process... Wish me luck! Lots of it~

1 comment:

Miss Jane said...

I always seem to overload over the holidays :) Good luck with everything!