Saturday, May 07, 2005

Daughter's and secret pals!

On the first of May my daughter officially moved into her own place! Of course she moved in with her boyfriend, but that was ok. He is alright by us for now! Actually they have been dating for about 2 years, and he keeps her out of trouble, and that is all that counts with her father, and I. :D

Now my tasks are multiplying! Between helping my daughter get some things for her new crib, and dealing with all of the emotional stuff.... I have alot on my plate. I'm losing my baby!

Dad is doing ok. We saw the Dr. today, and he thinks that he is looking better. We don't agree, and I said so outloud. I asked five thousand or more questions, and disagreed a bunch. I was happy to know that Mom & Dad both appreciated my speaking up. Sometimes it is hard being the oldest in my family, but I guess now I realize what my role must be. It is the speaker of the family, and taking care of the one's that you love.

I received my secret pal info the other day, and boy is she going to get spoiled. I have so many things planned... hehehe

So far I can only tell you that I sent my secret pal an ecard. I don't know if she received it, because she hasn't mentioned it anywhere. Maybe she just forgot. If you are reading this, and haven't received a card... could you please look in your spam areas all of you! I won't reveal anything else in the future, until the end.

Goodnight for now all~


Jennifa said...

That happened to me once- my secret pal didn't have a blog, and never replied to my emails, or told me if packages arrived or not. I'm not looking for praise, or heaps of thanks- but it would have been nice to receive at least a "It got here" email. That's why I haven't done another once since.

your secret pal said...

Hello u crafty cat!!!kitty want a treat? U will have your first package by the end of the week So keep a look out but dont scrach the mail man(or lady) hahaaha

Kelly said...

Thank you Secret Pal for posting! You really made my day by bringing a laugh, and a smile to my face. Thanks for thinking of me! :)

dot.white said...

aww this is so cute.

my mom reads my blogs but never posts <3

i'm an only child...first was moving out to university for 4 years. and now i have graduated moved to the other side of canada (me BC, her ontario) and this is the first mother's day i have't seen her :(

anyways, nice blog :)