Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Mother's Day to all!

I didn't get to come near the computer yesterday to wish you all a Happy's Mother's Day! You may have a kid, a pet, or a close friend that considers you one... so I hope it was a good one.

I spent the day with my daughter, and Mother at Mom's house. She was doing her very favorite thing in the world... cooking, and cleaning for other's. I'll never understand that woman! I certainly didn't take after her that is for sure. One look at my house, and you would understand. I'm selfish with my time that is for sure, and I never have had a formal dinner gathering at my home. That is with the exception of Christmas Eve of course. That is the only night that my Mom will let me have at my house. Perhaps she doesn't like my cooking... oh well...

I've been crocheting up a storm for my secret pal. I sure hope that she likes everything that I am making for her. I am having alot of fun as well. The only problem is that I have to learn to hide things from other's view. My daughter came in the other day, and swiped something that I had finished. See I am being really good about not saying what it is... just in case.

I just noticed that we have some friends downstairs. Not really friends, but more like our neighbors. TERMITES! Every year I have to get someone out to take care of the situation, and this year I can't find my usual guy. I guess I will have to call his company to make an expensive appt. I can't stand watching them... Ewww it makes me itch! Even the cats wonder what the hell they are. The cats will eat anything that moves, but not a termite. I guess they aren't tasty... lol

Oh well gotta go get some work done. No not downstairs!


Kari said...

Happy Late Mother's Day wishes to you too.
My boy talks about my secret pal. If we go to the store and I'm taking along time looking at something he asks daddy or me if it's for "Mommy's secret pal" hehe The other day he was playing with a box and before ya know it he had it full of toys for his secret pal. He's so cute.
He's the same if I'm crocheting something for my secret pal.

Karla said...

Hey, KellyCat! I just saw a post of yours over at Crochetville and thought I'd come over here to your blog. I hope your SP has posted a 'thank you for the e-card' by now. Sometimes, I think that it's just a misunderstanding and people, especially new players, just aren't aware that we post "thank-you's" for even the e-cards. But it's a good thing to do because since everything is a secret, how else would we know that our pal got our card?

Besides posting to the board or newsgroup, I try to always remember to reply back to the sender personally with a 'thank you'. So either way, the person sending e-cards knows their recipient is getting them!

Enjoy the Summer Secret Pal (I'm there, too!)

Jewels said...

Oh yuck, termites,...I've never seen one but they must be nasty.
Enjoy your crocheting relax hours -I'm selfish with my time too, but I can be I guess since have no kidlets. I need my lone time to rejuvenate from the day and love it!