Friday, May 20, 2005

Always Forgetting to do this....

Ok... I am always forgetting to take my pictures off of my camera. I know that I keep promising, and promising but procrastination always gets the better of me. I really don't know how this happens. I know that it happens to a lot of you also in blogland.

I wanted to post some pics of my presents from my secret pal. They are on my camera. If you are reading this pal I'm sorry I am a scatter brain at times. I don't want to tell anyone what you have sent me until the pictures are posted. Don't worry it won't be next year! lol

Well as I have said already, my 20 year old daughter has left the nest. She will be 21 in July so in all honesty I do refer to her near future age at times. I always seem to do that, and she hates it! Now that I am getting older myself I can relate. Realistically I would much prefer to be 21 though.

My Chris is my only baby by choice, and I miss her alot. Even though I do see her every single day, I miss the nights when we would stay up late. I also miss watching Alias with my little poopie. I think the two of us are the only ones in our area that really get the show. No one admits to watching it. Chris and I also have admitted that we wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with Jennifer Garner. Then again the husband has mentioned that as well... I think his intentions are different, but then again... lol

Dad is doing better! He is now getting around a lot more now that he is out of the hospital. I can't believe he was actually in there for a month. Thank any God that he is home! It was a little scary, and even now it is. Hopefully day by day he will get stronger again.

Well I gotta run! I will post pictures ASAP! I know that everyone likes visual. (Myself included) :) Bye for now... K~


Kenyetta said...

I would like to see some pics!!!

Anonymous said...

ok its me again hehehehe
I hope you like what i sent u.Dont worry its ok we all can be a scatter brain at times.Thats me right now. So much to do not a lot of time to get it done. More is on the way soon.