Thursday, September 09, 2004

I did it!

I finally got the page to look like I want it. Knowing me that won't last. LOL Anyway this is what I spent most of my night doing. Actually the hardest part was adding my button. Now that I think I have that figured out, maybe I can add other people's links as well. If you take mine I'll definitly take yours thats for sure. Signing out for now. I have to hit the pillow. Night all! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Jennifa said...

Looks great! HTML is frustrating, but it gets easier with time :)

Anonymous said...

love your page
wish I knew how to great a page similiar to yours.
Dee Frederick

Marsha said...

Hi, I came over from Deb's blog. I love your blog so far. I have a blog set up as Krafty Kitties,, with a group of crafters who do all sorts of crafts. My crafts are mostly knitting and Rubber-stamping, but I also crochet. Please stop by sometime. Check out the archives for some of the socks I've knitted. I look forward to checking in on you again.