Friday, September 10, 2004

Secret Pal Swap!

Here is a picture of the goodies that I received from my secret pal at Crochetville. I received some great yarn, a handmade doiley, and a beautiful handmade bracelet. Included in the picture is the bag that my goodies were in. I have also received secret online cards, as well as a download for a pattern. I can hardly wait to find out who my pal is. Thank you so much!! You have made this alot of fun!!


Rebecca said...

you tricky kitty! it worked- here i am. you have one great pal. that yarn looks YUMMY!

Kari said...

Silly Cat! Your blog is one of my regular stop offs(I try to read my reg blogs at least twice a week) I just don't say much! I love the yarn and the new look!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is your Secret Pal! :)))
I am glad you liked them. I am now getting the next package ready! ;)

BTW your new blog looks very nice!

Tiffany said...

I love the blog! :) You have a good secret pal too. :)