Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Columbus Day!

It was a beautiful, and chilly day. Screeech ok... I'll tell you why I was soooo excited. I got first dibs on someone's cleanout sale!! ... and it was all knitting, and crochet supplies!! Now I don't want to get anyone jealous here, but the attic was filled with wool in every color of the rainbow. Even colors that aren't in the rainbow. I don't work with wool, but to see that much yarn was like heaven!! lol Well I hope that is what it is like anyway. I wound up leaving with three hefty boxes of bulky weight yarn, some funky yarns, lots of heavy weight thread including glistening shades. Also I must have around 100 vintage crochet/knit books, and magazines. I have been having a blast looking at those.

All I can say is that I plan to go back. There is just so much more to look at. The two lovely people that I met, unfortunately lost their Mom (she lived to be 97). She taught crochet & knit in the basement many years ago, and now they are left with all of these supplies that they can no longer use. They are so happy to hook up with someone that loves the craft as well as someone they can look through these things with. We had a lot of fun, and they shared a lot of memories with me. We found doll clothes that the woman made for her daughter in a little trunk. The were so cute, and nice to hold. I can tell you honestly that before I left, we all had a good cry.

Most of you that know me, know that I don't work with wool. Mainly because my 20 year old daughter breaks out in a rash if she is near it. I have found that if she does not touch it, or know that it is in the house this is not the case. hehehe... I can tell you this much: I intend on learning how to felt!

I'll go for now, but if anyone has any suggestions for working with wool I would greatly appreciate it. Especially how to clean it!! I'll post some pictures of my goodies hopefully by the end of this week.

Tomorrow I will post about meeting my Secret Pal from Crocetville. You know who you are!! (Deb)


Anna said...

Lucky!! All that yarn--what a find!! :) :)


Kenyetta said...

We Want Pictures! Oh I'm so jealous! Enjoy your treasure!