Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey there!

I hope that all the festivities went well, and are going well for everyone. I know just how stressful they can be.

Christmas Eve, went well. We always have it at my house. Other than my mother's usual comments that bring everyone down. It went well.

Christmas day we went to my sister in laws house. It was a mob scene at best. It was a fun day because there was always someone to talk to. Everytime you turned around someone was there. It was very family like, and the day went well.

As you can tell I'm not really into the Christmas holiday season. It just gets me more annoyed than it should. All the worry, and it is over before you know it. Now I am just looking forward to getting the tree down, after New Year Day, and getting on with daily activities.

Well I'm going to visit some other more exciting blogs now. So off I go!


Kenyetta said...

I'm glad your holidays went "well" and I know exactly what you mean about moms and their comments! LOL

Lynlee said...

I'm a scrooge, too. I don't much care for the Holidays. Too much family. lol

Rebecca said...

whew - i'm with ya.... we made it through alive and sane (at least as far as we know :)

Karen said...

Hey Kelly,

Where are you, girl?

Lynlee said...


WHERE ARE YOU!???!?!?!???!?!