Thursday, May 18, 2006

Crochet & Gardening!

I'm feeling so much happier now that the sun is struggeling to reappear. The sun feels so good, that I am getting very motivated to do things around the house, and outside.

I am working on the sweetpea shawl still, with the encouragement, and nudging from my friend Karen. It is halfway complete, and is starting to look the way it is supposed to. I just didn't like the way that this starts off so lumpy. I think it is the stitch (dtr). Anyway it will make a nice birthday present for my daughter in July. Also made some of Natalie's econo bags. Very easy, and useful. When I post pictures (I know) you'll see what I mean about them being very useful for anything you carry.

Been doing a lot of garden shopping lately. Now we have to get all of these beauties into the ground in between all the rain.

Ok out of here for now. I'll post more very soon. I know that I am a bad poster!


Karen said...

I can't wait to see your shawl, Kelly! I hope I have been of some help :)

Lynlee said...

I need to track down a photo of this sweet pea that everyone is bitching about. That way, I'll know what it looks like and never attempt it.

Also, would you mind emailing me your phone # so I can call this weekend and we can see if we'll be able to meet? Pretty please?