Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm still sane... sort of!

I just want Karen to know that I am still plugging away at the Sweet Pea shawl. In fact I am almost done. Thanks for the nudging! LOL The yarn that I used isn't the greatest for this stitch (dtr) so it is taking forever. The yarn is TLC amore, and it sucks to crochet with. Don't sue me big company, just send me some patterns that will work with this yarn. It is pretty but difficult. I think it would be better knitted.

Family is the same. Can't get any help from the assholes that I share DNA with. Just ask me for a kidney you assholes! LOL There has been a lot of fighting lately within my family over the fact that I am doing everything, and the other's are ignoring everything. On top of it is the fact that he has three sons from a previous marriage so that officially makes 6 of us. No kidney is coming out of me. No way! I'm pushing bad luck aside, and officially saying I don't want anything that comes from the DNAs bodies~ Assholes!

On sort of the same note: Mom is feeling much better now. She spoke with Dad's heart Dr. who asked how she was on the phone. She told him about the shingles, and he sent an antibiotic to the house! What a great guy! I'm in love! It is making her much more comfortable, and she is not having any crying jags anymore. Thank God! We actually went shopping the other day, and had so much fun laughing. It was terrific. It made me heart happy. :)

Step Dad on the other hand is trying to kill Mom. I would swear that he is purposely pulling a "feel bad for me act" on her, and anyone willing to listen most of the time. I know he has been very ill, but I noticed that he was very jealous when I was giving my Mom attention when she wasn't feeling well. It was like watching a little kid. I know this happens with age, but she needs attention as well.

I'm done boring you all for now. I know I am starting to get long winded. Going to a BBQ tomorrow. It should be interesting. Hmmm more next time.


Karen said...

I don't know about your being sane; I'm sure the hell ain't! Anyway, relatives can be just as hard to deal with as anyone else. Just do what you think is right and leave them to what they think is right! Assholes :)

Kenyetta said...

I hope the BBQ was nice-feels good to get away for awhile!
Hang in there.

Lynlee said...

Glad you're feeling better. Mom, too.

Deneen said...

I found when using TLC Amore, I must go up a hook size or two, just must-Usually L or M.

Family-well, I am convinced everyone has problems with family. As far as you doing everything, I think in every family there is always one who does the most-just a fact of life. In mine, of course it's me, just the way it is. I get angry over it, but the more I dwell on it the worse it gets, so I basically just grin and bear it. Not the answer you want, but all I can say.

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

glad your mom is better and hope dad gets better. hang in there. family can really put one over the edge. i know from personal experience. you do what you can, and try not to sweat the small stuff. i find that really helps. as for being a little crazy, join the club.