Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Put it to bed~

Ok, I'm putting to bed the idea that has been rolling around in my head lately. That idea was to just mosey on my way, and stop my blog completely. I just haven't been having fun with it. Well I ... put that idea to bed. Hence~ the title.

Many people in the blogging community lately, especially the craft community have been quite vicious with comments, critism, and just out right cruelty. No that has not happened on my little slice of the web that I call home. It has been going on at my friends home's. I don't like it. Why can't everyone just get along?

When someone needs to just sit, and type out anything that is coming out of their hearts, and heads it doesn't mean that they need a comment posted. Unless in my case it does come from a person that I consider to be a friend. If I don't know you, please do us both a favor:

1.Read if you wish (you are cordially invited into my home here)
2.Leave a comment if you have some constructive advice
3.Email me if you feel the need, .....or
4.Please get on with your own life, and don't come back~

I am a pretty decent, and easy going person in real life. Unless you piss me off. However I am an even harder person to get along with on the computer. First of all I hardly trust anyone on the computer. So if you get me riled on here I will and do lash out. I am pretty literate which is a handy thing to be on the computer, and pretty much enjoy being left alone unless your intelligent, and friendly. If cornered... well... I'm pretty much like my cats. Don't do it! I do strike back, and pretty harmfully. Hisssssssss

I haven't been very crafty for a while now. I've been trying to clean up the house, and garden. I'm also really itching to get my daughter's old bedroom cleaned up once and for all, and take over the space. Something always seems to get in the way of this happening though. I think that I mentioned once before that it has a magnificent view of NYC from her room (the attic). There really is no better place for inspiration. Besides that fact there is so much room! I really need to spread out with my books, and shit up there. Some place where the husband can't call me a slob. I do have to admit that I did tell him I would share half of the space. We'll soon see about that one. hehehe Actually I'm just joking, he can have whatever space he wants. We just need to disperse of the mess in the house from renovations. It looks as though I have a flea market going on in the dining room. Antique's are strewn everywhere. YIKES...

My daughter celebrated her 22nd birthday on the 8th of July. We had a really nice bbq in the back yard. There was just five of us which made it really nice, and cozy. We bought lots of food, and basically only ate the appetizers. It was all good, cause we had plenty for the next day.

My daughter, and I went out for a shopping excursion 2 days before the big 22. This is a new tradition that we have started in the past few years. This way she gets somethings that she likes. She picked out a ton of cds that she has been dying to get. Then we bumped (should I say she pushed me) into the video game area. Some place I should never be let loose in. Anyway what turned into looking for one thing, wound up with her getting a cute Nintendo DS. We are big Sims freaks (daughter and I), so she needed that game to go along with it of course. Anyway it turned out to be a great shopping trip for her, and a big bill for me. Hey~ you only turn 22 once, and she is my only child by choice. :) Mommy & Daddy loves you Chris.

I definetly will put my seal of approval on the new Nintendo DS. The price can't be beat for this tiny little computer. Yes computer! It's fantastic for adults as well as kids. They have this new game that you can purchase that is supposed to keep your brain working (Brain age). When I pay her's off, I'll be getting my own. Yes... yes... yes... I am a big time gamer myself. At the ripe old age of forty something I love video games. I just treated myself to an old Nintendo game system, because I had tons of games in the basement that I couldn't use. The stupid pins inside my old one got dulled out, and thus it stopped working. Now I can happily say my daughter has game envy of me, and Super Mario! LOL Next I think I will try and find a Genesis, or Colecovision (hope I didn't spell that wrong, but sure that I did). Ebay is one of my closest friends.

As of late I have been getting into my cats health issues, and have been doing it with home remedies. If your cat has an ailment let me know. We are batteling ear mites right now, and we are winning the fight! Yeah! I have been around cats all of my life, and pretty much know everything you could ever want to know. On my list of things to do is write a book about pet care. So... bring on the questions if you have them. Also send me some pics. I'd love to see your fur babies, and perhaps post some pictures.

Just wanted to let old friends, and new know I was still around, and intend on staying that way. Also I just purchased a shitload of glass supplies as well as yarn. So maybe you'll be seeing pictures of both soon.

If your name is mentioned please make a memo:
Yes Karen it is done!
Kenyetta the camera is on its way!
Janet I still love my husband!
Lynlee please email me, I wish that we could have met in person!

Peace out to all, and to all a good night~


Karen said...

You had a bbq and didn't invite me, WTF is that?! :)I'm glad to see that you are still making it and doing something constructive. I'll send you an email later with what's going on, ok?

Lynlee said...

Been a long coupla days... I'll try to email later - but I'm tired so it might be tomorrow.

Happy b-day to the kiddo and I'm looking forward to seeing your crafty stuff!

Kenyetta said...

Sorry, I didn't read this post before!
I am here for you gurl, and remember what they eat don't make you crap( I didn't know if the word I wanted to use would be allowed).
Craft On Gurl!