Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Beach Again!

Seems that the husband, and I are officially "Beach Bums". We just can't get enough of the gorgeous weather this year. I think it also has something to do with the fact that soon we will be locked up in the house for the winter. Well I hope it isn't as bad as it sounds.

We went to the beach last Thursday, and then on Sunday. Sunday's trip was a treat for my daughter Christie who recently got a new job. We had a great time, and a lot of laughs.

She is training to be a vet's assistant on site. She has been working like a dog all week. 10-12 hours a day. The first day the poor kid was thrown into surgeries right when she walked in the door. She knew that she would be doing that, but not quite that quick. Once she realized how helpful, and responsible she needed to be she immediately started liking it. She started learning about the organs and such. She is very interested, and asks the vet many questions. He likes that. He also likes that she can control the cats, and helps to calm them down.

I don't think that legally she was supposed to be thrown into a position like that, but I'm not sure of the law just yet. The hourly pay sucks for now, but she loves the job, and her anxiety is low... thats key. The vet likes her a lot, and she likes him as well. She said that he treats animals very well, and that he really does care. She works such long hours because he never turns an animal away, and so far she doesn't seem to mind. He lives above the office, with his wife, and baby. Hopefully this will work out for my kiddo. She really is a smart cookie, loves animals, and needs a good job. I never imagined her doing this type of work, but sure am proud that she is. She really has interesting conversations now. It is very nice to see her so happy.

I've gotta get working on changing this blog soon,because it is boring the hell out of me! Hopefully I will find the time if I stop going to the beach.


Trish said...

I am seriously jealous of your daughter. That is what I'm TRYING to do!!!! How in the world did she get a position like that???

currently I'm taking a distance learning course in vet assistance, but there is no hands on learning in that arena.

Sounds like what your daughter is doing is Vet Tech! She will need to be certified pretty quickly if she's helping with surgeries! She might want to look into that.

I really am jealous of her. that is what I've always wanted to do and wish I had figured out before I was 30 that it was. but I'm in the right direction now, just was wondering how she fell into that position.

Deneen said...

How great that your daughter has found something she loves. The hours never seem to matter, as long as you're happy.

The whole beach thing has me so jealous!

Kenyetta said...

Enjoy the beach girl, I wish I was there!
I'm glad Cristy is doing what she loves, makes work a lot more tolerable.

Mimi said...

Glad to hear about the good news on your daughter and the fun you had at the beach, Kelly!

vicki said...

thats awesome your daughter has found a job she loves so well. i am also jealous of the beach, we normally try and go once a year at least, but its been over 2 years now since we went. :( hope your enjoying your visits. your so right, old man winter is knocking on the door right after the fall queen. hehe tell your daughter to enjoy what she is doing, but she is going to need a day off now and then and sounds like the beach was just the place :D