Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mischief Night! ~~~~~~~~

Finally! Pictures!

Well my wonderful secret pal giver from Crochetville has been revealed! It was Chie all along! Chie I know that I have thanked you already, but formally in public I want to say it here. You have been wonderful. You have cheered me up on days that I definitely needed cheering, and surprised me with sneaky cards, and posts on my site when I needed to smile as well. Whoever has gotten Chie in the Winter Secret Swap is a lucky gal/guy indeed! :) Chie's site is:

Here are some pictures of my last wonderful package of goodies from Chie:

1). I got a handmade hook holder! Yee ha!! Look at that button! Another picture is below.
2). A beautiful handmade scarf in my favorite yarn ever!! Red Heart light & lofty pheasant.
3). A Pink K hook!! A nice reminder of breast cancer awareness month.
4). A kitty cat note pad set.
Here is another picture of the hook holder that Chie made:

Once again Chie, I can't thank you enough! This was my first swap, and I was extremely surprised when you told me it was your first one as well. You seemed to be a real pro at it. I hope that I get to spoil you someday!!!
I have to say that I did make another friend in this swap. That would be my gift recipient Deborah at We have been keeping in touch, and she is a great gal. I wish I could have gone on that cruise with her though.... shucks!! lol... I hope you had fun Deb, and that you are feeling better.
Ok off now to learn some more web junk that will eventually burn out my brain cells! LOL

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Chie said...

You are very welcome! :) It really makes me happy to know that you enjoyed the things I sent you since I was so hoping you would, and I studied you so hard to plan for you. :D But it surprised me when you told me that the yarn I used for the scarf was one of your favorites! Maybe I'm a psychic. LOL Nah... LOL, it's just that when I saw the yarn, I thought "Wow, this yarn has all the colors Kelly likes!", and I just had to make one more thing with it for you. :)
Thanks for being such a wonderful swap pal!