Saturday, November 06, 2004


Well I have been really busy making lots of goodies for all of the good girls, and boys on my list. Mainly the easy scarf & hat Christmas gift, but I am planning others. I really should get a WIP bar up on my site. That might make me a little more motivated, and let you all know what I am working on.

I want to make some baby booties for a favorite nephew, who's very new to the family! I also want to make my daughter some shawls, as well as ponchos. Everybody has them, and she wants them too. Besides that she is always cold!

On another note ~ I received my scarf the other day from Kristina (LadyK) over at Crochetville. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! I have to take a picture of it to share. It is pink to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness! It is so soft, and warm I've been wearing it when I crochet to keep the chill away. Geez... kid's cold, I'm cold! Sounds like I am cheap with the heat doesn't it? LOL Actually I like being a little on the chilly side. It keeps me awake.

I also sent out the one that I made for Jayme. Jayme has posted a picture of it on her site. She is so sweet! I hope she doesn't mind that someone else was caught wearing it first! Here I have a photo of the perpetrator!

Good thing she was caught Jayme or you might not have gotten the scarf!!! Look at those beady eyes!!! Whew... lol

I so love these swaps at Crochetville they really are the best group around!

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