Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Life is crazy... isn't it?

Well the husband is off to work today, and I am so glad to have some time to myself without him underfoot. Trust me I love having him around the house, but two months is enough! Well ...he is working, and I am here trying to get some things done today.

I haven't really been doing much lately except watching a lot of court TV. I just can't believe that Michael Jackson showed up in his PJs last week, but oh well... I guess it was fitting. He probably wanted to remind the kids of what he looked like at those sleep overs... lol I'm not sure what other's think, but he looked like he was having a major breakdown. Who could blame him? He's older than me, and he put himself in this position. He's a moving target for these lawsuits. Its a shame that nobody close to him has the balls to tell the guy that HE is a guy!

Family is doing better. Dad is feeling a little better. Not mentally, but physically. You know guys! They are all the same no matter the age. I hope that he pulls himself out of this rut that he is in. He is driving my Mom crazy!

Ok gotta run, and get some actual work done. Also will be crocheting up a storm tonight. I have a ton or so of squares to get done for one of the swaps that I am in. Out of here for now!

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Rebecca said...

hey girl, where are you???