Thursday, April 14, 2005

Now my Grandmother!

My Mother, and I had spent a nice day together yesterday shopping. My Dad didn't want any visitors, cause he just wanted to sleep. I think they were giving him sedatives for a test they wanted to do on his lungs. His blood gases came back negative again, and once again they couldn't do the test. So sleepy he was with no results again. He called my cellphone to complain a few times either way, so I am sure he is feeling a little better.

So Mom, and I went for lunch near the local Rag Shop of course. We had a good time. My Mom isn't much for yarn, but well... that is right where my fingers headed. I got some of that Baby Bernat cotton to make some wash cloths, as well as a pattern book to make them. Not that I need to know how to make a square. I just needed another book to hide from the husband! lol

Well we came home, and bullshitted for a while. She got tired, and wanted to go home which is close-by. A little while later as a migraine was befalling me, my Mom called with bad news. She said that my Grandmother had a stroke. My Grandma lives about 3 hours away so it would be no easy feat to get to her, so we waited for some good news. Mom played phone tag all night with my Aunt, and called while I just dosed off with some pain medication which wasn't helping. She said that it didn't look good, but that she would call me in the morning. I didn't sleep well either way.

Well when I called her this morning she said that my Grandmother is doing much better. They had given her that new miracle drug, and she was slowly coming out of it. I'ts weird cause I just saw an episode of ER a few weeks ago concerning that medication. Thank you to whomever created it. Maybe Grandma will be back to Atlantic City in no time!

Well gotta go visit Dad in a bit. I hope that he isn't cranky this time. I'll be sure to bring my yarn with me either way, and make some wash cloths.

Please keep praying everyone! It really is working!


Marla said...

Hi Kelly,

I'll say a prayer for your Grandma! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kari said...

Oh you poor thing! I'll keep sending those prayers your way!!!!!!!! *hugs*

Dot said...

Hi Kelly, sounds like your family is having more than their share of illness. I hope things soon get better for everyone and your grandmother continues to improve and your father will soon be well.

Kenyetta said...

I saw that episode of ER as well, if tv is anything like real life-your grandma should be doing real well soon...