Thursday, June 09, 2005

More pictures!

My secret pal is the sweetest! She hinted at who she was (shouldn't do that with me), and although I thought she was Rebecca because of the cow picture (and Rebecca recently met a cow up close) I thought it was her. You can read about it here at Ewe Devil. I am sure Rebecca thinks I am a nut case by now with my comment on her blog. Sorry Rebecca!
I now think I know who it is, but I won't let on (Little cow). I did post to her blog however, and hope I got her right. If you are reading this I want you to know you are a sweetie, whoever you are! Here is the great package that my pal sent to me a few weeks ago. Like I said in previous posts, I have been really late with downloading pictures (bad me). Here are my presents:
Image hosted by
My pal sent me some patterns, a beeswax candle making kit (love it), a photo frame making kit (love it), a knitter's gauge (which I will use for the ruler purpose for now), some yummy Bernat Boa (love it, and the color), and a beautiful card to say hi.
Thank you Secret Pal you really did make my day! I love these swaps, they make you feel special.


Aurora said...

Can you help me with adding pictures? My blog address is
I can't seem to get them right!! Can you help? Not sure if you remember me, but I think we were in a swap of granny squares before.


Rebecca said...

AHHHHH - now i understand "shouldn't have hinted"
nope, not me!!! i opted out of SP this time - thank goodness because with all the other madness i would have definitely neglected my partner.... met a cow up close - ha ha ha haa ha!