Saturday, August 06, 2005

Court appearance over with!

I'm really quite upset still. Lynlee I agree with your comment totally, but you of all people will understand what has infuriated me. I think I would break my own legs if I drove drunk! That definitly wasn't the case.

About a month ago I was pulled over for (really) doing nothing, a police officer in my state can just pull you over for no reason. I honestly don't know how lawful this should be since I didn't do anything wrong. I wasn't driving a box truck that could have bombs in it. I didn't swerve, or forget to use my blinkers. He just felt like stopping me instead of all the other drivers on the road.

I looked like crap because I had just dropped my daughter off at work that morning, and didn't have time for the whole make-up shabang bull, I was even still in my PJs which were sweats. At the time I was headed for the local Burger King for some drive thru breakfast. Low & behold there were the famous flashing lights behind me on an incredibly congested road. I'm not use to this, and I was extremely nervous to say the least.

I knew that I didn't do anything wrong, because I am completely anal about this matter. I'm seriously anal about driving! No kidding! NJ has so many accidents on the road every day that I don't need to be a statistic. I usually just watch the nuts go by, and curse them along... lol

Anyhow I did remember something as I was getting pulled over... my license was expired! I tried to get it renewed twice before it was due to expire, but I didn't have the new documents that NJ requires. NJ implimented a new law this year that makes you prove with a third peice of paper that you are married lawfully to whom you say you are married to. You can't use church documents, or your old marriage license. If you carry your husband's name then beware in the state of NJ because now you need even more documentation of the fact. I feel that this is not protecting my identification because when I did get the certificate of marriage I only had to give my marriage date... not one single peice of ID with it. The only thing I could think of was that the DMV was making sure I wasn't gay! Which really got me pissed to the point where I didn't care if I had it re-newed.

When the officer came to the side of my window I did everything that you normally should do. When I handed him my paper work I openly admitted that my license was expired, and tried to explain the situation. I then asked why I was pulled over, and he said I'll let you know when I get back. He then made me wait in the car for about 15 minutes while he tried to dig up any dirt on his computer in the cruiser. When he came back to the car he told me that I was not a licensed driver in the state of NJ, and that I needed to remove myself from the vehicle and to contact someone to pick me up. At that point I had no cell phone, because I had given it to my daughter. Upon telling him this he told me to park, and that he would drive me to the nearest phone. He dropped me off in my PJs at the nearest diner, and I turned around and asked as I was getting out why he pulled me over. His answer was "Random Stop". What bullcrap!

The very same day I did get everything cleared up. Then I found out at the DMV that I need a new birth certificate. The originals in the town where I was born where forged, and records were stolen (fabulous!). Another thing to waste an entire day on. I can't get it online unless I spend 60 bucks.

So I went to court the other day, and the prosecutor simply laughed as I looked at my husband, and said sir my only crime is being married to this man for the past twenty one years. Why is it that I am being penalized for it now. He said you are forgiven your crime, sign here and go in peace.

I am still pretty pissed that certain officials in my state will marry gay couples, and yet they don't care what the other officials will do to everyone! I think gay couples should marry, why not? I just don't think that other officials that don't like the idea should take it out on every married couple. So now everyone must prove they are not gay, and the married gay couples won't be allowed to drive. Give me a break! Our previous Governor was, and is openly GAY! He actually had to come out of the closet, and resign because of it. Come on people we have to start changing some laws here. We have to start doing some of the speaking, instead of letting these pigheaded officials that we put in office make up our minds on every issue.

Personally I think everyone deserves to live in harmony in whatever fashion they choose, as long as they aren't criminals. Being gay is not a crime! While I am on the court subject... as far as racial profiling in NJ goes... that courtroom didn't have many white people sitting there. I think I was among four out of 70!! The cops know that these people don't live in these towns thats why they are targeted, but that is another story for another time.

Sorry to sound off!


Becky said...

Kelly, I am sorry to hear what happened to you last month. They should not do things like that. Just thinking about that makes me mad. I hope everything is going well for you now.
Your package was sent today so look out for it.

Laura said...

Being a Jersey girl I hear ya loud and clear! So....was it a Lyndhurst cop or Rutherford?? Either way they are both terrible. Sorry you had such a difficult time. I cannot believe he left you at a diner in your PJ's! By the way, which diner?? I have quite a few favorites in that area. Take care.


Lynlee said...

Oh, wow, what an, ummm... Adventure.

And you know we don't want them married gays driving. They'll be too busy sodomizing each other and applying too much eyeliner in the rearview to pay attention to the road. Not to mention the difficulty of driving in thigh-high patent-leather platforms.


Anyway, I'm glad you got off and that you still have a bit of a sense of humor about the subject.

Lynlee said...

Oh, and I am also thrilled that you were not driving drunk.

Anonymous said...

You are great, Kelly! I'm sorry that you had this experience and glad to know that you are calling things as they are! You go, girl :) Your secret Pal over at the 'ville

Lynlee said...


See my blog.

Kenyetta said...

Gurl! I hate to say it but welocme to my world!
I am sorry to read about your troubles!