Thursday, August 04, 2005


Well I've finally figured out how to add multiple pictures at the same time! Wow what a work out, and how stupid I feel now.

These are some of my pictures from my vacation to Sanible, Fl. It was absolutely gorgeous the entire time that we were there, which is unusual. It didn't rain at all with the exception of one night.

Yes I know that it may seem strange to some, but it was my very first time to Florida. I loved it! We were invited on this vacation by my husband's nephew, his wife, and of course their perfect happy baby. The baby didn't cry or get fussy once, and I might add that he was teething! What a great kid! Made me a little tempted... just a little!

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This was my husband walking out on the sandbar. The water was just like a nice warm bath. Also clear, and inviting unlike the Jersey shore, which is what I am used to. I hate waves now!

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This is our baby nephew Jason Jr. He was sitting in a hole having fun!

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Just a nice shot of a bird that I took. One of many! I'm a bird nut!

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Just another nice shot... can you believe how close to shore that boat was?

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Surprise... surprise a picture of me with the hubby! I hate getting my picture taken, but I knew I had to show one to prove I was there. LOL

There are a few other things that I would like to post pics of, but that will have to wait. I have a stupid court appearance today in the local town next to us. It was due to a traffic violation! Something that is really on my nerves that I will have to post about when it is over with. I'm going to try and fight it, and will let you know the cause, and outcome soon.


Deb said...

Kelly! Lovely pictures! Looks like you had tons of fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

hi kelly love the pictures and yes I dont like my picture taken eather.Your rival package will be in the mail tomorrow. Read my blog and you will understand


Lynlee said...

How pretty! I'm glad you had a good time!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the court thing turns out positively. Unless you were driving drunk - In that case, your legs should be broken. ;)

Kari said...

Great pics! What a nice trip!