Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Hello all~

Just wanted to say that... YES I am still around. Not blogging a whole lot lately, but still here all the same. I am however getting fat, lazy, and bored. I just keep putting off the holidays, and they really are only days away at this point.

A few updates if your interested:

My daughter is still working as a vet tech. She is doing wonderfully well with her panic/depression. I don't think she has the time to think about it honestly. She works about 12 hours a day, and now she is also on emergency call. She is really liking all of the responsibility. Especially knowing that there are little & big critters depending on her. She still fascinates me with all the talk about the surgeries, and the things that she witnesses. If you knew this kid of mine, you'd be amazed too. The Dr. is loving her because she is good with the patients, their parents, and is dependable. She just got a nice fat raise to boot. :) Can you tell I'm proud?

As for me... well not much is going on. The house is a mess. I am annoyed with myself for not getting much done. However I have gotten a lot of work done lately for our business. So I guess that makes up for it. The dell commercial was driving me crazy with that red lap top, so the boss (my hubby) said get yourself one you deserve it. :) He's to sweet.

Let's just hope that the weather holds out a bit longer so that we can get some more work done. Tomorrow is going to rain, but that's fine with us. Just as long as it doesn't snow yet.

Gotta run for now. I've been reading your blogs, and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. Bye for now~


Deneen said...

Good for your dd!

My house is a mess too-the busier I am outside the house, the more the inside threatens to rebel.

Merry christmas to you too!

Karen said...

Hey Girl,

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season, but you must get off your ass :)

Kenyetta said...

I am so happy to hear from you again!
congrats to chris on the raise- she deserves it and more!

Mimi said...

Sounds like a wonderful job for someone who loves animals, no wonder you are proud of her ;)
Enjoy your new laptop!

DixieRedHead said...

I think alot of us are in the holiday mode and not getting round to doing things we normally would ..blogging...cleaning...working..*ewh* Good to hear from you though!!! Merry Christmas!

Mimi said...

Merry Christmas Kelly!

Kari said...

hope you had a merry christmas