Monday, July 02, 2007


Can anyone explain to me why someone would do this? I'm starting to thing that Utube is really mind farts sometimes. I mean seriously~ With that said I will also say that there are alot of good crochet videos on there.

Now I'm outta here to call my Mom, cause I have been really naughty and have been neglecting calling her for exactly a week now. I know that I am awful, talk amoungst yourselves... but I really needed a mental break. All she ever wants to do is argue with me for apparently no reason at all, and I totally understand why. She just needs to vent it all out. I just couldn't be the venti for a little while is all.

The frustration that I have been feeling lately with family is working it's way through me, and into my husband. Men really aren't the same as women with emotional stuff, and I really hate taking it out on him. He has really turned his life around and is the greatest, and most understanding person I know. He has been my best friend since we were 17 years old! He just has to stop sticking up for me when my loud mouth can do it for myself.

I'm not a very social person outside of my family at all, and I don't even bother with "them" all that much. Think your secluded? HA! I know that perhaps I should change this situation, but my stubborn Irish side won't allow it. Blah~

I'm crocheting up some pet beds right now, because that is what is needed around here. We have all wood or tile on the floors. With the air on I'm guessing that is why they are all huddled up on the couch. So without further ado I must go call Mommy, and crochet while on the phone instead of arguing. You know that "uh huh" conversation that we sometimes need to do instead of making suggestions. Good bye to one and all. You've been patient with my FO's not showing yet. I promise they are coming.


StitchLuva and Yarn said...

i know what you mean! i sometimes need to take a break from speaking to my mom even though the guilt is suffocating. but sometimes you have to do it to stay sane.

hang in there, it will all work out. sometimes it just takes time, a lot of time!

looking forward to those fo's.

Mimi said...

I agree, take a break from worrying about your mom. Crochet or knit, if everything else fails ;)

Karen said...

You know what, people will do whatever as long as there's a medium to support their foolishness :) Hope you family pipes down and stop stressing you out!

Will Blog for Yarn said...

ditto what everyone else said. and I hope things are better now.