Sunday, September 11, 2005

Some pics finally!!

Well here is my favorite little guy again Percy. Becky aka Crazzy Cow made him for me with her own hands. Great work Becky! I'm amazed that someone would take so much time for a pal. Becky was my Summer Secret Pal at Crochetville. She didn't send him to me in the reveal, but did send the instructions to make a whole family of kitties. I figured I'd show him off again.

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Becky also was extremely generous with her reveal package (shown below) by sending these great things as well. A doiley, two yummy candles that smell so good I'm getting more online. Some Bernat Bling Bling, beautiful chenille from Lion, a snowflake for my tree, and some great stickers, and quilled ones as well. Also she made me the "Cat in the Hat" holder, which I intend on putting some of my downloaded/ printed WIPs in. Thanks so much Becky!!! She has also given me her friendship in return which is a gift within itself!!! Hugs to you Becky!!!

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These are the fantastic bookmarks that I received in the bookmark swap. I hope that everyone liked mine as well. It was my first time working with thread, and now I am hooked (literally).From left to right:

Princesstrish's, Crochetrae's, Diamond's, Crazzycow's, and Ladysource's.

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Last but certainly not least is my package from my Autumn Secert Pal. My favorite yarn, an extremely gorgeous, and soft scarf (love the edging that you can't see in my photo), a great candle that I have already used up, and some Popourri. Thank you so much. You have really made my days with your emails, and ecards as well. You are a real sweetie!!!

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I would like to take the time to say thank you to all of the courageous fire fighters that lived, and died on 9/11 doing their jobs in the most terrible of conditions. Also I have said a prayer for all of the families that have lost loved ones in that tragedy, that I unfortunately got to witness at a distance. It was a sad day then, as it is now...


Jennifa said...

Lovely gifts!

I think the best way to learn to knit, would probably be to get a pair of size 8 needles (I'd suggest bamboo for a first project) and some dishcloth cotton, and sit down at your computer and use the knitting videos that are available to help you., and are both good.

Kenyetta said...

I learned on some size 8's and I made a scarf my first project.
BTW, I put plenty of pics up-check them out when you can.

Ulla said...

What a happiness.Cute little dog and the many ideas.

Ulla in the north of Sweden

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