Friday, February 23, 2007

Crossing my fingers!

I just switched over to the "New" blogger as there was no other way to sign in. I'm hoping that I don't experience the same problems that other's have recently. Thus the title "Crossing my fingers"!

I've been following the Anna Nicole case a little to closely. I kinda like court room stuff, and I probably would have made a great attorney... but that is something in the past.

Many people feel that she was a silly, stupid girl who stepped in shit. That's pretty much true. My feeling has always been that things happen to people for a reason. "What comes around... goes around". I am not however saying that in a mean way. My opinion is that she has lived a life of destruction. It could only end that way.

Honestly I feel very bad for the way her life has ended. My daughter is close in age to that of her late son Daniel, and I know that I would not be able to breath without her. If people that are supposed to care about me compound that hurt... the stress alone would kill me. What I am saying is that I don't care what the medical examiners report says. This woman died of a broken heart. Yes drugs probably played the entire part, but I would do the same thing. I know that I would with the conditions in which she had to live.

I just wish that her mother would let her rest in peace. Anna is with her son, now her mother should let her lay next to him where he lays now. To speak of excavating this boy is a sin in my mind. It's disgusting, and immoral. One would have to wonder what her motives are. I truly wonder just what Anna did run from in that family. It's a shame, and it's sad. I think that when Howard loses the baby he will be with her again.

I have great news to share but will tease you into looking for it, or writing to me to ask. :) Till then have a great weekend everyone!


Pink said...

Nice to see you back. spill the beans! You can't keep us in suspense like!

Mimi said...

I also imagine the pain she must have gone through having two sons of my own - poor Anna. But you're right, that kind of life she gave her son and the way that she lived, has led to a destructive life. Tragic, but not shocking.

Karen said...

Hey Kelly,

It truly amazes me that these celebrities are so weak minded and unhappy. Anna Nicole,aka Vicky Lynn, was on a path of self destruction for a long time. I feel sorry for her daughter. What secret are you keeping from us?