Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sorta back

If anyone still checks in on me occasionally you will know that I have not been around much. Sometimes I just don't feel like blogging or checking in on my favorite clubs/sites and whatnot. Sometimes I actually work on this thing! LOL I'm sure that a lot of you do the same... so I'm not telling you anything new.

I've been in touch with old friends in real life, and it has been a nice change of pace. I forgot that I actually did have people in my life at one time that always stood by my side. I literally cut many people out of my life in hopes of reducing stress, and I think that I am ready to find the flowers that were once in my life. Many factors lead me to not bother with people as well as family. As long as my friends realize why I have been so forgetful with them... then I know they are real friends. A few years back I had many problems in my life, and the only way that I could over come those stressful situations was to shut down. Unfortunately I had to close up shop to personal relationships with family and friends as well.

Honestly I am not trying to be evasive about what my stress concerned. I'm just trying to say that I am grateful for certain people that I have been lucky enough to meet in life that haven't judged me. The other's ... well I'm glad they are no longer around. They only added ingredients to what I didn't need in my recipe for life. (Ramble...Ramble...Ramble)... lol

Not saying that I don't love all of my friends online, or anything. Just that I am a bit of a loner by choice, and really always have been. My friends, family, and online pals have usually had to be the pursuers to get near me and I truly feel bad for that now. Now that I am feeling better I hope that I can be a better person to these dear people that now need me to make them smile.

Ok... Husband is calling me now so I will sign off for now. Geez he needs his pretzels!!! Love to all.... Kelly~


Kari said...

We all have to find that place in life where we feel the most comfortable and most healthy.
That is the only way to happiness.

Jewels said...

always remember,...your life, your blog; and never ever feel guilty about doing "for yourself, whatever keeps you stress free and in a comfy place".

Mimi said...

Keep on posting, I do believe it helps to relieve some stress ;)