Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Secret!

Well no actual picture right now... but she is next to me in the little cartoon image of me in the sidebar. :)

She is actually a Yorkie like her cartoon, and I've named her Chloe, and she is the sunshine in this cold weather that we are having. She was a rescue from my daughter's job. I can't say much more right now because I'm pressed for time with my husband hovering over me. I can say that she has really lightened my stress load, and I have only had her for a few days now.

Bye all, and thanks for checking in on me. The emails have been great as well. Hugs all around!


Pink said...

This would not be the first time I knew a Yorkie called hairdresser in England had one, she was so adorable! Great job on giving her a loving home, sounds like you are both helping each other.

Kari said...

how sweet cant wait to see pics