Monday, February 26, 2007


Compared to the rest of the country that has been getting slammed with the snow we really can't complain. I hope I don't get anyone mad but I think it is kinda pretty.

Our 23rd anniversary was last week, and we had a really good time. I'm kinda going backward here since this was a few days before our new family member (Chloe) came to live with us.

Of all the places to go on your anniversary... my husband surprised me with a leisure drive to the beach. (If you read this blog you'll know that we are there all the time in the summer months) I was very delighted by the mystery drive even though I quickly figured out where we were going. It's not all that tough when winter gear is laying on the bed when you get out of the shower. Nice guy... huh? He always does stuff like that. :)

Of course we started our celebration in town where we munched in our favorite deli "The Center Market". We had huge sandwiches in baskets with the best potato salad on earth. Once we were stuffed... we were ready to freeze our butts off. We drove to the inlet to watch the boats come in. Then eventially we ventured out of the car to walk on the beach. I might add that it was a very short walk because we had no hats on, or ear protection. Once we got back in the car we warmed up by making out like teenagers. It was alot of fun to say the least.

After warming up we went back to the deli, and ate my favorite dessert since last summer. Rice pudding. We also left with some steaming cups of coffee for the road.

We had so many plans for things that we wanted to do that night, but the cold air really wore us forty somethings out. When we got home all we wanted to do was get in the bed and take a nice snuggly nap. Thats exactly what we did. Later on we went out again to our favorite steak house, and upon coming home I drank a bottle of wine. The rest is hush! :) hehehe

As you can tell I am in a great mood now besides all the puppy training with Chloe. If anyone has any suggestions besides hitting when the accidents happen please pass them along. I'm not expecting much since she just got here, but cleaning the floor all the time is becoming a pain in the ass. I do realize that it comes along with the job, and I am enjoying her with all of my heart. She is sooo sweet, and calm. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!

Gotta run... hugs to all!


Kari said...

my suggestion would be lots of bourbon, not for the dog but for you. Other than that, patience, keep telling yourself she's a baby, but don't baby her.
Online there are tons of resources and forums with suggestions etc.

oh and buy a good stain remover

and more bourbon

Trish said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Chloe! :)

Patience is a virtue when dealing with puppies. They are so enjoyable but take alot of training.

I agree with kari, dont' baby her. They know when they can get away with things. People tend to baby the small ones and you have to make sure she understands that YOU are the boss, not her.

Puppy pads, squirt bottles, and lots of love. Smaller puppies can sometimes be harder to train than the large breeds.

Just be patient...and share some pictures!!! :)

Kelly said...

Kari & Trish thanks so much for the input. The training is putting me into liquor mode for sure. It's been a week yesterday I believe... so hopefully it will only get better. The morning is the tough part. When I go she goes right in front of me. Ugh!

DixieRedHead said...

I agree with them! LOL Actually I was watching the Today show, this morning and they hada trainer on there who said when puppies do that to say OUTSIDE and eventually they get the hint to NOT do it in the house. good luck