Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally some pictures!!!

Here is the newest, and last addition to our humble little home. Chloe! Although the house training is coming along a little slowly I'm happy to say that I have no carpeting in my house.
(All pictures are clickable)

Fun in the snow!

Both of my babies (Chris & Chloe)

Eclipse day at the beach

Glass trees

Bird lady at the inlet.

Fishing boat coming in to dock.

Here it is... the picture you've been waiting for~ LOL sure

Me & Chloe!

Miss Chloe

What kind of owners would we be if we didn't let our little one in on the fun of our favorite place? It is ok to take her on the regular beach until April. Also it wasn't terribly cold that day (just regular cold). I'm very overly protective! There is a doggy beach there as well, and we took her there also. She was fascinated that there were other dogs in the world. Of course she only liked the biggest ones. :) That's our Chloe~

BTW - the brain dead woman who originally bought her as an arm decoration wanted to have Chloe destroyed. She contracted mange and the woman didn't want to deal with the expense. My daughter Chris gave her two dips before even letting me know about her. Apparently she was in bad shape because the vet can't believe how great she looks now.
I am happy to report that after her 4th dip which was yesterday (Thurs.) she is doing great. I have a funny feeling that the f---er who exchanged her for a brand new puppy never trained her to go outside... thus the problems I am having. If you look at the smile on my face you can tell that I am very happy to have saved her life, and perhaps she has saved me as well. I now have so much to do! lol

We finally got her papers, and we found out what we suspected. She is older than predicted. Just for the record she is 10 months old now. Not really a puppy, but not an adult either. We don't really care, but it is nice to know where she came from, and her actual birthday.

(Warning Speech!)

Many people don't realize cats and dogs are not knick knacks to display. They are actually living beings with feelings. A furry being should never be dumped, killed, or exchanged for another size. In the hallway of the vets office yesterday morning someone left a beautiful cat that is fully declawed. If anyone here in Bergen County NJ would like to know more about the kitty please let me know. I know that the vet wants to get the poor thing a new home. He is a great Dr. that hates to kill any animal that does not need to be destroyed. He actually has two other cats in his office that someone just left there months ago.

Thanks to all for the advice. Please email me anytime you think something might interest me! Hugs to all~


Kari said...

omg Chloe is ADORABLE! You're daughter is gorgeous and so are you!

Awww on the cat, would I was closer....
I get so mad at people who think of pets as just objects to discard the moment it become inconvenient to have them...

Deneen said...

What great pics! That dog is so damn cute.

Your daughter and you look so similar and damn you are young looking!

Kelly said...

Thanks to both of you for the comments, and the compliments.

I really wish you did live closer Kari, I know that you must be a great caregiver to your pets.

Thanks Deneen that makes me feel better about my birthday coming up! LOL

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

she is adorable! i can see she has brought you joy.

Trish said...

It's one of the few frustrating things about working in the vet world. There are too many people out there who think that pets are disposable. When they don't want them, let's euthanize or dump em on someone else. It's so very frustrating.

We have an 8 year old Golden who we are trying to re home right now. His "dad" just "didn't want him anymore". Poor thing is so attached to his owner and he just wants to give him up.

I don't know how people can live with themselves.

Thank you for rescuing Chloe :)

Pink said...

What a cute bunch you all are, Chloe looks so adorable with the snow on her face.

I can't think about the so-called humans who treat animals so badly, it makes my blood boil that they can be so uncaring and heartless...good job there are people who rescue these poor creatures.

Mimi said...

You're babies are both beautiful, Kelly! And you too, I agree with Deneen, you look young ;)
Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

Kimberly said...

Chloe is such a cutie!! How funny that we both have new Chloes in our lives...okay, mine is a crocheted creation, but its still a Chloe!!

Felicia said...

Chloe is beautiful. You will have many years of happiness together. I agree with you a hundred percent about people's responsibilites to their pets. Congratulations!

DixieRedHead said...

those pics are adorable. I'm so glad you gave her a home. We recently adopted a new puppy too, aye yae yae I forgot just how hard housebreaking is. All my best1

Ash said...

Just browsing but adorable dog! I'm glad she's in a good home now.

Vik said...

I´m loving your yorkie Chloe!! Hug it from me!